Saturday, December 28, 2019

Some blatant issues regarding the NFL's Top 100 list. (NFL)

The National Football League has just put out it's list for the top 100 players of all time, and already there are some big issues with it, like omissions of some players, and inclusion of others. I'm going to explain the points that stand out, and should have been addressed before the list was published.

1) Elephant in the room. I'm sorry, but Tom Brady shouldn't be on the list for obvious reasons: He's been caught cheating several times, and suspended once for his transgressions. What is the NFL saying by including a man who relied on illegalities to help him achieve his numbers? I don't have a big problem with Belichick being on that list, but he should have an asterisk next to him for the same reasons as Brady. Lucky for Belichick, I've followed him since Cleveland, where he was about to transform the team into a legitimate contender before they moved suddenly, way back when.

2) Favre/Starr. Brett Favre was one hell of a gunslinger during his time in the NFL, and was responsible for some great plays and whatnot. The problem with him was that he was one of the worst QBs for decision making, and still holds the all-time record for interceptions. Add to the fact that he kept retiring and un-retiring, shows that he should have been left off the list, and had legendary Packers QB Bart Starr put in his place. Starr won SEVEN titles (2 Super Bowls, 5 NFL Titles), and inspired a lot of future QBs with his style of play. C'mon, NFL!

3) Brees. How in the hell is Drew Brees not in the top 100? I'm not going to go on about this, as all of his records and accomplishments speak for themselves. The NFL really dropped the ball on this one, with the people on the voting board making a huge oversight here. Makes absolutely no sense to not have Drew Brees on the list. None.

4) Only two kickers?? There should be at least four or five kickers on this list. The fact that there are only two shows the NFL's lack of love for the position. George Blanda and Stephen Gostkowski both deserve to be on the list, and I'm surprised they aren't. Seriously NFL, what the hell do you guys have against kickers, anyways?

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Friday, December 27, 2019

Things to watch for in the final week of the season. (NFL)

Week 17 of the NFL season is almost upon us, and the playoffs are just around the corner. That being said, there are still several things to keep an eye on at this point, and TTS will tell you exactly what those are, and what it all means.


1) Jason Garrett. It's almost guaranteed that if the Cowboys somehow lose to the hapless Redskins this weekend, that Garrett will be fired as head coach. Everyone knows that Jerry Jones is famous for saying one thing, and then going and doing something else. His bravado and promises notwithstanding, I can't see him keeping Garrett in the event of a loss. Garrett has been the head coach of the Cowboys since 2011, and has accomplished very little with what he has. It doesn't look good for him at all.

2) Marshawn Lynch. For some reason, Lynch coming back and signing with the Seattle Seahawks in news right now. Lynch was once the best running back in the game (which Russell Wilson clearly forgot in that Super Bowl....ZING!), but not today. He will undoubtedly bring veteran presence to the locker room, but not much else. His best days are now behind him, and in the last game of the season, will be facing one of (if not THE) best defences the league has to offer in San Francisco. Sorry Beast Mode, but it is what it is.

3) Officiating. It remains to be seen whether or not the league horrible officiating will be on full display this weekend as some teams try to improve their seeding for the playoffs, while others are trying to hold onto a playoff spot altogether. The refs have been beyond brutal this year, and the NFL still has yet to make up for the debacle in last season's NFC Championship. The reffing has gotten considerably worse, and yet never gets properly addressed. Personally, I'm tired of officiating deciding games, as it takes the fun out of everything.

Is it too much to ask for to have officials in the NFL (as well as their bosses) held accountable for all the nastiness they are responsible for? Is it?

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Monday, December 23, 2019

Unanswered questions in the CFL as of right now. (CFL)

1) Streveler/Nichols. Just where are these two quarterbacks going to end up, and when? Matt Nichols has been linked to the Ottawa RedBlacks, now that former Bombers OC Paul LaPolice is the head coach in Ottawa. LaPolice has stated that he wants to take a run at Nichols, who started the 2019 season strong only to be knocked out of the latter part (as well as the playoffs and Grey Cup) by injury.

Chris Streveler is expected to return to the Bombers in 2020, but has also been recently linked to NFL teams that are interested in the durable QB as well. This could be a huge question mark for the Blue Bombers going forward, and they should re-sign Streveler quickly.

2) Montreal is a mess. When are the Alouettes going to finally find a new owner? Several ownership groups have come and gone in the Alouette sweepstakes, with the CFL maintaining control over the franchise for the time being. Something needs to give soon, as this is a team that could use new owners (and a GM as well) in place before training camp starts, so as to maintain some sort of consistency on and off the field.

3) Milanovich strikes back. Will new Eskimos HC Scott Milanovich be able to turn the Esks around in a short period of time? This all hinges on whoever he might bring in to round out his staff, and whether or not he believes that QB Trevor Harris is right man to lead the team going forward. There will be much work to do in the new season, and all eyes will be on Milanovich.

4) Argos. Will Toronto be any good in 2020 with new head coach Ryan  Dinwiddie at the helm? It was a big surprise when Dinwiddie was hired the same day the Argos fired Corey Chamblin, a week or so after going on record to say they would keep him for another season. New Argos GM Mike Clemons is looking to make a statement in 2020, and it seems swapping out the head coach was the fastest way to do that.

Dinwiddie was the architect for consistent quarterbacking in Calgary, tutoring both Bo Levi Mitchell, as well as Nick Tate. It has yet to be seen whether or not he can accomplish the same feats with the Argos' core of young QB's, and whether or not that roster changes any before the start of training camp in the new year.

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NCAA Bowl Game predictions/thoughts! (NCAA)

Well, it's just over a week now until all the important Bowl Games start to happen, culminating with the BCS National Championship (which will be predicted in a future post) on January 13th, in New Orleans at the Superdome.

PLEASE NOTE: Even here at TTS, we don't have the time to go into every damn Bowl game there is on the schedule (of which there are far too many, and most of them pointless). We will stick to the main Bowl games that actually stand for something, including the two playoff games. Let's get started, shall we?

1) Camping World Bowl - Notre Dame VS. Iowa State

We only mention this bowl because perennial favourites Notre Dame are involved. There's not much to see in this game, a contest that the Fighting Irish should win handily against a weaker opponent.

PICK: Notre Dame

2) Cotton Bowl - Penn State VS. Memphis

The Nittany Lions pretty much scorched everyone on their way into the Bowl season, and I firmly believe that they should be in the playoff for the National Championship, especially with their overall record at 12-1. With the same record, Memphis would have also been another contender, but played weaker opponents throughout the season. As good as they are, I believe Penn State will take this one, albeit in a close game.

PICK: Penn State

3) Fiesta Bowl - Ohio State VS. Clemson (Playoff #1)

I'm sure we're all tired of seeing Clemson here year after year, so with a better overall team than the Tigers, expect Ohio State to come out flying. The Buckeyes need this win to make a statement, and they should pull it off here.

PICK: Ohio State

4) Peach Bowl - LSU VS. Oklahoma (Playoff #2)

As much as we like the Sooners (exciting team to watch), LSU is the best team in the NCAA this year, and will come out on top here. They simply have all the tools they need to not only make it to the BCS National Championship, but win it. This game will be a case of  'next year' for the Sooners.


5) Rose Bowl - Oregon VS. Wisconsin

Probably one of the best Bowl games year in and year out, this one is a toss up. Both teams are evenly matched on offence, and it's a tough game to call. Still, I want to think that the underdog will win this one, that being Wisconsin. This one could be a stunner at the final whistle.

PICK: Wisconsin

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

TIME OUT! Gordon/Commentators/Carson Wentz (NFL)

1) Josh Gordon. Sixth suspension for substance abuse. SIXTH. Enough already! I'm sick of hearing about Josh Gordon and his millions of chances he keeps getting, even though he never learns his lesson and doesn't seem to want help!

TIME OUT! Kick him out of the league forever, ban him for life, do what needs to be done, NFL! He should have gotten a lifetime ban after the second or third offence! This is a player who is more concerned with doing drugs than being on the football field.

2) Commentators. I've been unhappy with some of the commentators on prime time football as of late, especially the likes of Troy Aikman and the MNF duo of Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland.

In the case of Aikman, he just won't shut up about the Dallas Cowboys, even when the game he is calling does not feature the Cowboys whatsoever. Troy, we DON'T CARE! And as for the MNF dou, it's very simple: If we're all watching a game that features the Saints versus the Colts, we don't want to hear about Tom Brady, and certainly not when Saints QB Drew Brees sets a record!

TIME OUT! No more of the glorified circle jerk for Tom Brady or Russell Wilson! Commentate on the game at hand! Period!

3) Wentz up, Doc? The Philadelphia Eagles have been wholly inconsistent this year, with none other than Carson Wentz leading the way into obscurity. Sure, they're tied for first in their division, but it's the worst in the NFL, 'nuff said.

Even more annoying are the football pundits that keep singing Wentz's praises, even though he is not, and hasn't ever been a good quarterback. Believe what you will, but if Wentz had started the Super Bowl the Eagles won versus the Pats, they would have lost. Wentz is average, at best. And with that being said, we're calling a TIME OUT on anyone else who thinks he's actually good.

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Friday, December 13, 2019

Several head coaching moves, some surprises. (CFL)

The last few days have seen several head coaching moves in the Canadian Football League, with some going as predicted, while others are turning heads. Time to break it down!

1) Scott Milanovich.

The former Grey Cup winning head coach of the Toronto Argonauts, and current OC with the Jacksonville Jaguars has signed with the Edmonton Eskimos to be their new head coach. Milanovich has a wealth of CFL knowledge, as has won the Grey Cup as well. There wasn't much more he could accomplish in Jacksonville, so coming back to Canada was a good career move.

2) Mike O'Shea.

The Blue Bombers head coach has re-signed with the team after winning the Grey Cup this month. As we have mentioned in a previous post, there was no chance of him leaving the 'Peg.

3) Paul LaPolice.

The Blue Bombers' former OC has quickly signed on to become the next head coach of the Ottawa RedBlacks. I didn't see this coming, as it was assumed that LaPolice would re-sign with the Bombers and stay put for a while before becoming a head coach again.

4) Jason Maas.

The former head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos has signed on with the Saskatchewan Roughriders to be their new OC. Should be interesting to see what he can do with that offence.

5) Corey Chamblin/Ryan Dinwiddie

In the most shocking of coaching changes thus far, the Toronto Argonauts (who had earlier stated that Chamblin wasn't going anywhere) fired their head coach, immediately replacing him with former Stampeders coach Ryan Dinwiddie. It is thought that Dinwiddie was responsible for developing Bo Levi Mitchell and Nick Arbuckle, and can make an immediate impact with the Argos' QBs.

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