Sunday, December 30, 2018

Some headlines, and my two cents. (NFL)

It's the final week of regular season action in the NFL, with some interesting (yet confusing) headlines already popping up here and there. The following are what I've found so far, and I'll tell you what I think of them, and what it all means.

Marrone returns. This one is a stupid move from a football team that thrives on stupidity. Jacksonville will have coach Marrone back at the helm next season, and it makes little to no sense. He's had one good season (last year), and had accomplished little else. The Jags are a mess time and again, with no light at the end of the tunnel. Every aspect of this team is a mess. Bringing Marrone back just adds to the train wreck that is Jacksonville.

Winston is the QB. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have decided that Jameis Winston (everyone's favourite turnover machine) should be, and will be the starting QB come next season. Really? The kid was never that good at FSU, has transitioned poorly into the NFL, and has never met an interception he didn't like throwing. Fitzpatrick is not much better, but for the sake of not being a laughing stock, how does Tampa Bay justify this? Not a good move at all.

A Giant problem. It is rumoured that the Giants will have QB Eli Manning come back to lead the offence in New York next year. Personally, I think this is a bad idea. He's had his best years, he's won his two Lombardi trophies, and it's clear that he's not the QB he used to be. Eli Manning was a mess again this year, looking out of touch and living in a different world than the rest of us. The Giants have a decent team that needs a better O-line, and a new, young QB. If the Giants were smart, they'd start coming up with some strategy for the 2019 NFL draft.

Tha Raiderz. No one seems to know where the Raiders will be playing next year, not even them. Hell, if anyone finds out, raise your hand!

Bowl games and conspiracies. (NCAA)

After watching most of the college bowl games thus far, including yesterday's Cotton Bowl, the results should be obvious to any college football fan that the NCAA is the dirtiest, most corrupt sports league on the planet right now. It's gotten even worse than international soccer!

The playoff. What the hell was the point of introducing a playoff, when the NCAA consistently rigs everything so that we get the SAME two teams competing for the BCS Championship year in and year out? It's almost sickening to see the game garbage over and over again. Money and greed have pushed competition and sportsmanship out the door in the NCAA, and that is beyond sad.

Biased officiating. Don't believe it's rigged? One only has to go so far as the Cotton Bowl to see a prime example. The referees were heavily (and I mean heavily!) biased towards Clemson, screwing Notre Dame on fumble calls, pass interference, and other plays. It was almost like the NCAA told the refs beforehand, "Yeah, we put them in for credibility, but seeing as how they might win and screw up our script, you guys better shaft them, hard."

Alabama. Oh, so you think they won and keep on winning because they are a better team? With a football program worth $1-billion, and the fact that FOX Sports paid $2.2-billion to the SEC to keep that conference on top, this has nothing to do with competitiveness. This is greed, politics, and money, plain and simple.

And just so we're clear: NCAA football is SCRIPTED. Period.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Harbaugh sticks around, and how about those refs? (NFL)

As reported in Saturday night's game between the Ravens and the Chargers, it looks like the option has been exercised on John Harbaugh's contract for 2019. I have personally been under the impression that he'd be on the chopping block by the end of the season, and didn't expect him to be back with the Ravens whatsoever. It's not often I get surprised like this, but it does happen.

Officials and their poor officiating. See a recurring theme here, do you? I've been critical of the officiating in the NFL since the start of the season, and it just seems to get worse and worse. Last night's game between the Seahawks and Chiefs was a slanted affair, with the officials heavily favouring Seattle. A missed facemask on Chiefs' QB Mahomes, as well as several bad pass interference calls against the Chiefs (which were nowhere near PI), made the game almost unwatchable.

Bears/49ers. Chicago deserved to lose that game, but again, the officials decided to change the course of the game, with the command centre in New York less than helpful, to say the least. The hit on Mitchell Trubisky late in the 4th quarter was in no means a late hit, and was not helmet to helmet either. Add to the fact that Richard Sherman came in to break up a fight and started getting punched immediately was mishandled by the same officials. The refs are basically telling players that they can't defend themselves whatsoever, which is complete garbage.

The NFL needs to be held accountable somehow. This will only get worse when the playoffs arrive. Also, expect some more coaching changes by the end of the season.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Bizzarro weekend for sure. (NFL)

To say the weekend's NFL action was weird is an understatement. A lot of crazy things transpired, the least of which was the Browns beating the Broncos - IN DENVER. Now, I like the underdog. Always have, and it's nice to see Cleveland doing better this year. But the fact of the matter is, they beat Denver at Mile High, in the middle of some of the loudest (and animated) fans in the entire NFL. That is no small feat by any means.

Paging Dr. Brady. Normally, I wouldn't discuss New England or Pittsburgh, as I loathe them both to extreme levels. What I don't understand, is how Brady and company lost to a crummy Steelers team that is not good at all. The final score punctuates this perfectly. I am glad I didn't have to watch it (because seeing my 49ears beat up Seattle was WAY better), and was surprised at the outcome.

A shutout? The Cowboys got shutout by the Colts?!?! I didn't see this one coming at all, especially with the way the Cowboys have been playing in their last few games. Colts defence really stepped up to the place, and Prescott was rendered  completely ineffective. Is Jerry Jones thinking over his decision to keep Jason Garrett as head coach? Only time will tell.

Oh, and one more thing: Sam Darnold isn't as complete as people say he is. Flashes of brilliance are wiped out by bad throws, and piss poor decision making. Not good at all. I'd feel bad for Jets fans, but.....they're Jets fans, and used to this by now.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Corey Chamblin, etc. (CFL)

The CFL season has been over for a few weeks, but there are still things to talk about. The following are three things from this week in the CFL that are making me scratch my head and say, 'Huh?'

Let's play a game in Mexico! I really don't understand what the CFL braintrust (namely, Ambrosie) hope to gain from this. There is no need to play our game down in Mexico, where they are getting used to NFL teams and such. This is not a knock on Mexico, but rather the CFL. Taking a home game away from a Canadian team that needs the ticket revenue is a stupid idea. The Mexico angle only makes sense for the NFL, and certainly not the CFL. The league needs to fast-track the Halifax expansion and even out, not go to another country. Dumb move by Ambrosie on this one.

Bo Levi Mitchell. The Stamps' QB made quite the headlines with his bluster about playing for an NFL team next year. Problem is, he's already worked out for two NFL teams, and has yet to work out for a couple others. I don't see this working for him whatsoever, and expect him back with the Stamps for the 2019 CFL campaign. This I believe, was more bluster than anything else on his part.

Argos. Corey Chamblin? Really? 'Nuff said.

Aside from all that nonsense, I'm more interested to see where Trestman, and/or Benevides end up for the 2019 season. Should be interesting.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Monday night game was a piece of crap. (NFL)

Sad to say, I caught most of last night's craptacular football game between the Vikings and Seahawks. The lack of offence, bad play calling on both sides, and blind as shit referees made for a terrible game for the fan.

Here's why.

Who called the plays, Stevie Wonder? Both the Vikings and Seahawks suffered from this the whole game, with the Vikings call to go for it on 4th and Goal in the second half being as bone-headed as you can get. It's 6-0 for the opposition at that point, and instead of kicking three and halfing the score, you try to run the ball? On fourth down? Zimmer is an idiot for letting that happen. Any sane coach takes the three, then has their defence step up to the plate.

Seahawks = posers. The Seahawks aren't really good, it's just that the Vikings are worse. Kirk Cousins is inconsistent, and their defence is spotty as best. Russell Wilson was awful, and anyone watching the game saw this. I said several years back that Wilson is a one-and-done quarterback, and guess what? I'm still right. I'm not buying into the hype with this guy, and never will.

Officiating - it only gets worse! From a plethora of non-calls, to a pass interference call that went against Minnesota (even though the replay clearly showed hand slapping, and no grabbing or holding of any kind), the officiating in the NFL gets collectively worse every week. Blind as shit refs and their crews never seem to be held accountable, nor do the rule makers at the NFL itself. The NFL used to be about letting the players play. Now, we get penalty flags almost every play, and most of them are complete stupidity.

So yeah, the game was a dud.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Kyler Murray wins the Heisman, and more! (NCAA)

In case you live under a rock and didn't hear about this, the annual Heisman trophy presentation happened. Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray won the prestigious award, and rightly so. He beat out Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins, and Alabama's Tua Tagovaolia for the nod. As someone who follows college football quite closely, I agree on this result. 

While Tagovaolia had a great season himself, he sat out too many fourth quarters, and was putting up numbers on crappy teams due to a light schedule. Anyone can beat up on Citadel and other weaklings, and this shouldn't be rewarded. Haskins had some great games, and even torched Michigan badly this season. That being said, Murray had the best numbers, beat quality opponents, and didn't sit out near the end of any games. He proved he can beat anyone with his arm, or his legs.

The UCF controversy. Still. I was watching Pardon The Interruption the other night on ESPN, and they happened to bring up (again!) the fact that UCF is perfect this season, and don't get any respect from the committee, citing weak schedule, etc. I'm still not buying that. It's not up to the school to set the schedule, as the NCAA ultimately makes the decisions, based on conference, among other factors. The committee could have easily ranked UCF higher this season (who played some decent games, beating a couple of ranked teams), but chose not to. This is another case of the establishment telling us what we want, instead of giving us what we really want.

Personally, I'm sick of almost the same four schools in the playoff race every year, the exception being Notre Dame, who are legitimately the best team out there this year, and got to where they are due to their own hard work and determination.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

McCarthy gets fired, and there will be more. (NFL)

The Packers sacked head coach McCarthy following the loss at home to the awful Cardinals on Sunday (and right after his press conference), letting go of one of the league's longest-tenured coaches. Not terribly surprising, considering how bad the Packers are this year, even with Aaron Rodgers doing all he can on the field.

Below are some other head coaches that should be fired by the end of the season, if not sooner.

1) Ron Rivera. The Panthers have been terrible as of late, looking like a bunch of little kids running amok all over the place. They have one or two standouts, but other than that, aren't very good. Head coach Ron Rivera is on borrowed time with the Panthers, and will be gone by season's end.

2) Todd Bowles. Where to begin? The addition of Sam Darnold hans't done much to this awful Jets team, which is brutal year in and year out. Bowles lakes any emotion at all, standing like a statue on the sidelines during games. It's clear he doesn't have a good hold on a team that always lacks confidence on the field. He needs to be fired, as well as most of the coaching staff on the Jets.

3) Mike Tomlin. This one is obvious, due to his arrogance, as well as putting the blame on others when things don't go his way. Almost as bad at temper tantrums as Pete Carroll, but not quite.

4) Pete Carroll. The Seahawks aren't very good, and Russell Wilson isn't a saviour. With the 'Legion Of Boom' defence long gone, this team is going nowhere fast. Rumour has it that Carroll might head back to the college level, with a return to USC being tossed about by pundits. His legendary meltdowns on the Seattle sideline are nothing but a distraction anyways.

5) Last but not least, either Jason Garrett or John Harbaugh. If the Cowboys keep winning, Garrett will keep his job. If they perform a downhill slide, he's toast. Harbaugh on the other hand hasn't done much in the past few seasons with his team. Flacco is near the end of his career, and the NFL always has that air of, "What have you done for me lately?". Harbaugh will be gone after this season.

You heard it here first.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Things that drive me crazy in college football. (NCAA)

In no particular order.....

1) Fake injuries. Don't believe it's a thing? This season of NCAA football has been beyond brutal for this infraction, with today's UCF versus Memphis game living proof. If I had a nickel for every time a Memphis player dropped just to stall the clock, I'd be able to retire right now, and quite happily. The NCAA really needs to look at this, and force some repercussions on teams that do this constantly. There should be no place in the game for nonsense like this, and if the coaches of the teams are behind it/sanctioning it, then they need to be dealt with accordingly. Suspensions even.

2) Over-dramatic crowds. I can understand freaking out and looking bleak if your team was about to win and got scored on with less than a minute to play, but when people in the stands are acting like the world is fucking ending while still in the first quarter, perhaps they shouldn't go to a game in the first place? Some teams need to get rid of jitters in an important game before they start rolling, so everybody in the stands PLEASE calm the hell down until the second half. Thanks. No Oscar for you!

3) Zebras. Yeah, the refs are always on my hit list, and even moreso in college football, where most crews of officials seem to be complete airheads/clueless/have no idea what they are doing. Too many blown calls, too many missed calls, phantom pass interference plays......I could go on, but no one has that kind of time. NCAA reffing has slowly gone downhill, and this season is no exception. The game need cleaning up, and first and foremost are the officials. Clean 'em up. Clean 'em up real good.

4) The fix is in. College football is not rigged you say? Really now. The only reason Alabama remains on top year after year is the script everyone in the committee reads from. The SEC received $2.1 billion (yes BILLION) dollars from Fox Sports recently to make sure that the SEC (and Alabama) remain on top, in primetime, and making everyone a LOT more money in the process. Alabama's football program alone is worth a staggering $1-billion dollars. Let that sink in for a moment. Add to all this that they always get the weakest schedule, occasionally play a good team that lays down for them, and are almost ALWAYS assured to win even when they are down by thousands (slight exaggeration) of points, and voila.

NCAA football is so dirty, it makes soccer look clean and pristine. Never mind the fact that the players don't get a penny of the billions of dollars going around in the NCAA, and Lord knows they deserve some of that pie.

Just blown your minds, haven't I? Thought so.