Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Breaking down the big QB news from today. (NFL)

Isn't it nice to talk about sports for a change? I think it is, and I've going to break down the three biggest quarterback stories in the National Football League from today!

1) Philip Rivers. The long-time (and I do mean LONG-TIME!) San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers pivot has signed a one-year deal with the Indianapolis Colts., which also raises the following questions surrounding the deal:

- How much gas does Rivers have in his tank?
- How will he play on a team that has less of a receiving corps to throw to?
- Is it all about the money for Rivers?

Rivers is slated to make $25 million dollars from this, and that may have been the main incentive. He was rumoured to want to play in Florida, as he and his family had moved there recently. Personally, I think that Rivers will go out with a whimper in Indianapolis. This is the end for him.

2) Nick Foles. The Jacksonville Jaguars traded their quarterback to the Chicago Bears for only a fourth-round pick. This was a quarterback that beat the Patriots in a Super Bowl, was signed by the Jags for $80 million, then got hurt early in the season. With that all being said:

- Where do the Jags go from here?
- Why Chicago? Are the Bears giving on Trubisky already?
- Are the Jags going to make some more moves to bolster their position at QB?

These questions won't be answered until at least the draft. Until then, I got nothing.

3) Tom Brady. I hate to mention this man, because God knows I hate him (for cheating!), but now that he's no longer a Patriot, it's not so bad. Unfortunately for Tom, he's going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are terribad on the best of days. Which means:

- Will the Bucs get rid of Jameis Winston finally? (No-brainer!)
- Are the Pats going to be crap now? (Here's hoping!)
- Does this turn the Bucs into an instant playoff team?

I don't think this does anything to the Bucs right away. That team is a dumpster fire to begin with, and it will take more years of overhauling the roster that Brady doesn't have to fix them.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Brandon Bridge conundrum. (CFL)

Former CFL quarterback Brandon Bridge has stated publicly that he is leaving football as a whole to pursue a career in law enforcement, more specifically with the Peel Regional Police. Bridge had apparently made this decision due to the fact that Canadian football players don't get the same chances and opportunities that import players do, and that he was never really given the best shot at being a long-term starter in the CFL.

Unfortunately for Bridge, it's not so much the lack of chances (he's played for five CFL teams since he joined the league in 2015), but in his case, a lack of consistency. While Bridge does have impressive arm strength, and can hurl the ball down the field with ferocity, his decision-making process has been questionable at best, leading to bad plays and interceptions.

Career stats:

COMP/ATT: 225/344
YARDS: 2,769
TD-INT: 14-10
RATING: 90.5

These are not the numbers of consistency, and this is way he was relegated quickly with each team he played for in the CFL. His numbers are average at best, and teams can't take too much time to focus on one player, especially if said team is trying to make a playoff run. The CFL season might be longer than other leagues, but consistency needs to be found at the outset of every season, else a team might be derailed quickly, leading to a sub-par campaign.

Unfortunately for Bridge, he was supplanted at every stop in his career by other QB's that gave their respective teams a better chance of winning. I'm not saying Bridge was a washout, but after his tenure with the Argos ended, we all knew that for the rest of his career, he would mainly start a game here and there while serving as the primary backup.

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League year begins, draft goes ahead! (NFL)

The start of the league year in the NFL is now underway, and there have already been some interesting moves in the last 24 hours. We will begin with some of the more  interesting transactions that have happened thus far, as well as some analysis.

1) Marcus Mariota.

The former Tennessee Titans QB has signed with the Las Vegas Raiders, ending his tenure with the Titans that began with his drafting by the team in 2015. The Raiders were hoping to sign QB Tom Brady, but it looks like they've suddenly gone in a new direction. Could be interesting.

2) Case Keenum.

This one is a bit of a head scratcher, to say the least. The Cleveland Browns signed the former Washington Redskins pivot to a three-year deal worth $18 million, and it's unclear why, as they already have QB Baker Mayfield. But, it is Cleveland, and nothing they do ever makes sense.

3) DeAndre Hopkins.

He's finally out of Houston, having been sent to the Cardinals via a trade. This might just give the Cards' receiving corps a boost they need, as WR Larry Fitzgerald is likely playing in his last season in the NFL with Arizona.

4) Amari Cooper.

The Cowboys top WR has signed a five year, $100 million dollar contract to keep him in Dallas. Don't we all wish we could be on Jerry Jones' payroll? Unfortunately, the Cowboys will probably end up as a .500 team yet again in the coming season.

The NFL has also announced that the 2020 Draft will go ahead as planned, albeit without most of the public events that usually take place in the week leading up to it. We will more than likely see the Draft play out remotely, on television, with the draftees sitting at home instead of in the arena/venue at the same time. I applaud the NFL for keeping the Draft, as for a lot of us sports fans, it's a big annual event that we enjoy immensely.

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Thursday, March 5, 2020

CFL rule changes shouldn't even be an option. (CFL)

For some unknown reason that is unbeknownst to most of us, Canadian Football League commissioner Randy Ambrosie is trying to change as much of the league as he can in a very short amount of time. I'm going to break down two of Ambrosie's latest 'ideas', and explain why they aren't good ideas at all.

1) Playoff format. Ambrosie wants to change the longstanding playoff format in the CFL (in which there is nothing wrong), and have it so that the top two teams in their divisions would get a bye, and the next four teams would be decided by their overall season record, with the before mentioned top two teams choosing who they want to play in the next round after the bye.

Points of contention:

- Having the top two teams pick their opponents in the next round would be a lopsided farce.
- This course of action would also eliminate the Crossover Rule, which makes for entertaining playoff races at the end of the season, and adds an interesting unknown to the playoff picture.
- Because one division is usually better than the other, the top team in the weaker division would choose a weaker opponent in the second round, making for a lousy game for the fan.

2) The rouge. Ambrosie is also looking at getting rid of the failed field goal rouge, and adjusting how the kick rouge (punting) would be adjusted. The rouge is helps to make the Canadian game that much more Canadian, and is something that shouldn't be touched either. It seems to me that Ambrosie is trying to remove as many of the Canadia elements as possible in a way to make the game more American as to possibly bring in more fans.

The problem with this train of thought is that Canadian football fans want to watch the Canadian game. As someone who watches and is a fan of all three main leagues (NFL, CFL, NCAA), I enjoy the distinct differences between all of them. There is no need whatsoever to change any part of th Canadian game. It's the small differences like the rouge and crossover rule that make it unique to begin with, and a treat to watch.

Ambrosie better tread more carefully....

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