Saturday, December 28, 2019

Some blatant issues regarding the NFL's Top 100 list. (NFL)

The National Football League has just put out it's list for the top 100 players of all time, and already there are some big issues with it, like omissions of some players, and inclusion of others. I'm going to explain the points that stand out, and should have been addressed before the list was published.

1) Elephant in the room. I'm sorry, but Tom Brady shouldn't be on the list for obvious reasons: He's been caught cheating several times, and suspended once for his transgressions. What is the NFL saying by including a man who relied on illegalities to help him achieve his numbers? I don't have a big problem with Belichick being on that list, but he should have an asterisk next to him for the same reasons as Brady. Lucky for Belichick, I've followed him since Cleveland, where he was about to transform the team into a legitimate contender before they moved suddenly, way back when.

2) Favre/Starr. Brett Favre was one hell of a gunslinger during his time in the NFL, and was responsible for some great plays and whatnot. The problem with him was that he was one of the worst QBs for decision making, and still holds the all-time record for interceptions. Add to the fact that he kept retiring and un-retiring, shows that he should have been left off the list, and had legendary Packers QB Bart Starr put in his place. Starr won SEVEN titles (2 Super Bowls, 5 NFL Titles), and inspired a lot of future QBs with his style of play. C'mon, NFL!

3) Brees. How in the hell is Drew Brees not in the top 100? I'm not going to go on about this, as all of his records and accomplishments speak for themselves. The NFL really dropped the ball on this one, with the people on the voting board making a huge oversight here. Makes absolutely no sense to not have Drew Brees on the list. None.

4) Only two kickers?? There should be at least four or five kickers on this list. The fact that there are only two shows the NFL's lack of love for the position. George Blanda and Stephen Gostkowski both deserve to be on the list, and I'm surprised they aren't. Seriously NFL, what the hell do you guys have against kickers, anyways?

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Friday, December 27, 2019

Things to watch for in the final week of the season. (NFL)

Week 17 of the NFL season is almost upon us, and the playoffs are just around the corner. That being said, there are still several things to keep an eye on at this point, and TTS will tell you exactly what those are, and what it all means.


1) Jason Garrett. It's almost guaranteed that if the Cowboys somehow lose to the hapless Redskins this weekend, that Garrett will be fired as head coach. Everyone knows that Jerry Jones is famous for saying one thing, and then going and doing something else. His bravado and promises notwithstanding, I can't see him keeping Garrett in the event of a loss. Garrett has been the head coach of the Cowboys since 2011, and has accomplished very little with what he has. It doesn't look good for him at all.

2) Marshawn Lynch. For some reason, Lynch coming back and signing with the Seattle Seahawks in news right now. Lynch was once the best running back in the game (which Russell Wilson clearly forgot in that Super Bowl....ZING!), but not today. He will undoubtedly bring veteran presence to the locker room, but not much else. His best days are now behind him, and in the last game of the season, will be facing one of (if not THE) best defences the league has to offer in San Francisco. Sorry Beast Mode, but it is what it is.

3) Officiating. It remains to be seen whether or not the league horrible officiating will be on full display this weekend as some teams try to improve their seeding for the playoffs, while others are trying to hold onto a playoff spot altogether. The refs have been beyond brutal this year, and the NFL still has yet to make up for the debacle in last season's NFC Championship. The reffing has gotten considerably worse, and yet never gets properly addressed. Personally, I'm tired of officiating deciding games, as it takes the fun out of everything.

Is it too much to ask for to have officials in the NFL (as well as their bosses) held accountable for all the nastiness they are responsible for? Is it?

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Monday, December 23, 2019

Unanswered questions in the CFL as of right now. (CFL)

1) Streveler/Nichols. Just where are these two quarterbacks going to end up, and when? Matt Nichols has been linked to the Ottawa RedBlacks, now that former Bombers OC Paul LaPolice is the head coach in Ottawa. LaPolice has stated that he wants to take a run at Nichols, who started the 2019 season strong only to be knocked out of the latter part (as well as the playoffs and Grey Cup) by injury.

Chris Streveler is expected to return to the Bombers in 2020, but has also been recently linked to NFL teams that are interested in the durable QB as well. This could be a huge question mark for the Blue Bombers going forward, and they should re-sign Streveler quickly.

2) Montreal is a mess. When are the Alouettes going to finally find a new owner? Several ownership groups have come and gone in the Alouette sweepstakes, with the CFL maintaining control over the franchise for the time being. Something needs to give soon, as this is a team that could use new owners (and a GM as well) in place before training camp starts, so as to maintain some sort of consistency on and off the field.

3) Milanovich strikes back. Will new Eskimos HC Scott Milanovich be able to turn the Esks around in a short period of time? This all hinges on whoever he might bring in to round out his staff, and whether or not he believes that QB Trevor Harris is right man to lead the team going forward. There will be much work to do in the new season, and all eyes will be on Milanovich.

4) Argos. Will Toronto be any good in 2020 with new head coach Ryan  Dinwiddie at the helm? It was a big surprise when Dinwiddie was hired the same day the Argos fired Corey Chamblin, a week or so after going on record to say they would keep him for another season. New Argos GM Mike Clemons is looking to make a statement in 2020, and it seems swapping out the head coach was the fastest way to do that.

Dinwiddie was the architect for consistent quarterbacking in Calgary, tutoring both Bo Levi Mitchell, as well as Nick Tate. It has yet to be seen whether or not he can accomplish the same feats with the Argos' core of young QB's, and whether or not that roster changes any before the start of training camp in the new year.

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NCAA Bowl Game predictions/thoughts! (NCAA)

Well, it's just over a week now until all the important Bowl Games start to happen, culminating with the BCS National Championship (which will be predicted in a future post) on January 13th, in New Orleans at the Superdome.

PLEASE NOTE: Even here at TTS, we don't have the time to go into every damn Bowl game there is on the schedule (of which there are far too many, and most of them pointless). We will stick to the main Bowl games that actually stand for something, including the two playoff games. Let's get started, shall we?

1) Camping World Bowl - Notre Dame VS. Iowa State

We only mention this bowl because perennial favourites Notre Dame are involved. There's not much to see in this game, a contest that the Fighting Irish should win handily against a weaker opponent.

PICK: Notre Dame

2) Cotton Bowl - Penn State VS. Memphis

The Nittany Lions pretty much scorched everyone on their way into the Bowl season, and I firmly believe that they should be in the playoff for the National Championship, especially with their overall record at 12-1. With the same record, Memphis would have also been another contender, but played weaker opponents throughout the season. As good as they are, I believe Penn State will take this one, albeit in a close game.

PICK: Penn State

3) Fiesta Bowl - Ohio State VS. Clemson (Playoff #1)

I'm sure we're all tired of seeing Clemson here year after year, so with a better overall team than the Tigers, expect Ohio State to come out flying. The Buckeyes need this win to make a statement, and they should pull it off here.

PICK: Ohio State

4) Peach Bowl - LSU VS. Oklahoma (Playoff #2)

As much as we like the Sooners (exciting team to watch), LSU is the best team in the NCAA this year, and will come out on top here. They simply have all the tools they need to not only make it to the BCS National Championship, but win it. This game will be a case of  'next year' for the Sooners.


5) Rose Bowl - Oregon VS. Wisconsin

Probably one of the best Bowl games year in and year out, this one is a toss up. Both teams are evenly matched on offence, and it's a tough game to call. Still, I want to think that the underdog will win this one, that being Wisconsin. This one could be a stunner at the final whistle.

PICK: Wisconsin

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

TIME OUT! Gordon/Commentators/Carson Wentz (NFL)

1) Josh Gordon. Sixth suspension for substance abuse. SIXTH. Enough already! I'm sick of hearing about Josh Gordon and his millions of chances he keeps getting, even though he never learns his lesson and doesn't seem to want help!

TIME OUT! Kick him out of the league forever, ban him for life, do what needs to be done, NFL! He should have gotten a lifetime ban after the second or third offence! This is a player who is more concerned with doing drugs than being on the football field.

2) Commentators. I've been unhappy with some of the commentators on prime time football as of late, especially the likes of Troy Aikman and the MNF duo of Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland.

In the case of Aikman, he just won't shut up about the Dallas Cowboys, even when the game he is calling does not feature the Cowboys whatsoever. Troy, we DON'T CARE! And as for the MNF dou, it's very simple: If we're all watching a game that features the Saints versus the Colts, we don't want to hear about Tom Brady, and certainly not when Saints QB Drew Brees sets a record!

TIME OUT! No more of the glorified circle jerk for Tom Brady or Russell Wilson! Commentate on the game at hand! Period!

3) Wentz up, Doc? The Philadelphia Eagles have been wholly inconsistent this year, with none other than Carson Wentz leading the way into obscurity. Sure, they're tied for first in their division, but it's the worst in the NFL, 'nuff said.

Even more annoying are the football pundits that keep singing Wentz's praises, even though he is not, and hasn't ever been a good quarterback. Believe what you will, but if Wentz had started the Super Bowl the Eagles won versus the Pats, they would have lost. Wentz is average, at best. And with that being said, we're calling a TIME OUT on anyone else who thinks he's actually good.

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Friday, December 13, 2019

Several head coaching moves, some surprises. (CFL)

The last few days have seen several head coaching moves in the Canadian Football League, with some going as predicted, while others are turning heads. Time to break it down!

1) Scott Milanovich.

The former Grey Cup winning head coach of the Toronto Argonauts, and current OC with the Jacksonville Jaguars has signed with the Edmonton Eskimos to be their new head coach. Milanovich has a wealth of CFL knowledge, as has won the Grey Cup as well. There wasn't much more he could accomplish in Jacksonville, so coming back to Canada was a good career move.

2) Mike O'Shea.

The Blue Bombers head coach has re-signed with the team after winning the Grey Cup this month. As we have mentioned in a previous post, there was no chance of him leaving the 'Peg.

3) Paul LaPolice.

The Blue Bombers' former OC has quickly signed on to become the next head coach of the Ottawa RedBlacks. I didn't see this coming, as it was assumed that LaPolice would re-sign with the Bombers and stay put for a while before becoming a head coach again.

4) Jason Maas.

The former head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos has signed on with the Saskatchewan Roughriders to be their new OC. Should be interesting to see what he can do with that offence.

5) Corey Chamblin/Ryan Dinwiddie

In the most shocking of coaching changes thus far, the Toronto Argonauts (who had earlier stated that Chamblin wasn't going anywhere) fired their head coach, immediately replacing him with former Stampeders coach Ryan Dinwiddie. It is thought that Dinwiddie was responsible for developing Bo Levi Mitchell and Nick Arbuckle, and can make an immediate impact with the Argos' QBs.

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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Match-ups you need to watch this week. (NFL)

There are three games in the NFL this week that could end up being the highlights of Week 13, but not all for the same reason. Want to know why? Well then, keep reading!

1) Cleveland @ Pittsburgh

The last time these two met, there was a ridiculous incident in which Browns player Myles Garrett ripped the helmet off of the Steelers quarteback and smashing him in the head with it. I'm no Steelers fan, but as I've said before, that whole incident was completely unacceptable. Expect the Steelers to want some level of payback this week. Hell, it has a great chance of degenerating into a full-out brawl on the field, and I won't be surprised if it happens.

2) San Francisco @ Baltimore

This very well could be out first glimpse of what the upcoming Super Bowl will look like, and could make for some exciting football. Offence versus defence, Jackson versus Garoppolo, etc. Can the Ravens' QB run amok here like he's been doing all year, or will the stingy Niners defence shut him down and make him look like just another quarterback? Can Garoppolo step up and take the Niners even higher, or will he be overshadowed? We'll find out soon enough.

3) LA Rams @ Arizona

You're probably looking at this and wondering why it's been included as a game you need to watch. A 6-5 Rams team playing an Arizona team that sits at 3-7-1 doesn't seem very exciting, right? Look at it this way: The Rams got destroyed at home last time out by Baltimore. Jared Goff looks terrible right now, and Sean McVay seems to be spinning his own wheels trying to figure out what happened with his offence.

Last year, the Rams went to the Super Bowl. This year, they look like a confused and lost bunch with little or no consistency. Something's got to give, and soon.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

CFL's coaching frenzy in full swing. (CFL)

Not even two days removed from the Grey Cup, and the coaching frenzy is in full swing. It looks like there will be several changes at the very least, and they might happen sooner rather than later. TTS looks at all the potential moves that could end up happening.

1) Jason Maas.

The head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos has been on borrowed time all season long, and it's been said that the team's management is eager for a change. The Eskimos did surprise everyone (including TTS) by beating Montreal in the first round, only to lose to Hamilton the next week. If the Esks fire Maas, it's conceivable to think he would end up with the RedBlacks.

2) Rick Campbell.

The former head coach of the Ottawa RedBlacks in interviewing with the B.C. Lions this week, and could also potentially end up in Edmonton if Maas gets the boot, or if the interview with the Lions doesn't work out. That being said, Campbell needs to become more offensively minded in the future in order to succeed. The main reason he was let go in Ottawa was for a lack of offence over the course of the whole season.

3) Orlondo Steinauer.

He has rightly been extended as the head coach of the Tiger-Cats, the Grey Cup loss notwithstanding. Not only is he the coach of the year for what he did in Hamilton, but is one of the smartest men in the CFL at this moment. He'll have future success in the league, as there is plenty of time.

4) Mike O'Shea.

He isn't going anywhere, thanks to the big Grey Cup victory on Sunday.

5) Ryan Dinwiddie.

The former quarterback and now quarterbacks coach with the RedBlacks could be promoted to top spot, depending on what the RedBlacks are looking for. Could be interesting in Ottawa in the next few weeks or so.

6) Corey Chamblin.

The Argonauts head coach will be back for another season, and can't really be blamed for the 2019 disaster that Toronto had. New GM Mike 'Pinball' Clemons will most likely waste no time in rebuilding the roster, and help turn the team around. The only way for the Argos to go at this point is up, and it should be interesting.

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Monday, November 25, 2019

Winnipeg Blue Bombers win the 107th Grey Cup! (CFL)

The 107th Grey Cup is now over, and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are the last team standing, defeating the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 33-12 in Calgary. The game was not as close as anyone (including myself) predicted, instead being a defensive beat down and almost complete anhilation. With the massive victory, the Blue Bombers finally brought an end to a 29-year drought, the longest in the Canadian Football League.


The Blue Bombers were firing on all cylinders, the defence crushing any and all opposition, creating turnovers, and continually sacking Hamilton QB Evans. Adam Bighill played a huge game for the Bombers, with the whole defensive unit playing like they were possessed.

The offense chugged along, with RB Andrew Harris rushing for a touchdown, catching another, and just being impossible for the Hamilton defence to stop. Zach Collaros added the veteran presence needed to guide the team, with Justin Medlock (his new nickname should be 'Money') putting several field goals straight through the middle of the uprights time and again to add points.

It was also a pleasant surprise to see almost no penalties in the game, especially with referee Andre Proulx at the helm. The officials let the teams play the game, as it should be. Hell, they even let a couple things go that would normally be called. Excellent job by the zebras this time around!


Hamilton looked confused from the get-go, with QB Evans showing his nerves in an early turnover. The defence looked like Swiss cheese the whole night, and their first-ranked offence had no answer for the Bombers' scores. To make matters worse, SB Brandon Banks was knocked out of the game after a hard hit, suffering a hip injury (Never a fun thing when a top player leaves due to injury, no matter who they play for).

Hamilton showed some signs of life in the second half, but then proceeded to get stomped right until the final whistle. As I said before the Grey Cup, I expected Hamilton to keep the game close right until the end, and figured the Bombers would still win, albeit with a last second field goal.


A late fourth quarter touchdown by the Blue Bombers was called back by the CFL's 'Command Centre', which was a terrible decision. The receiver clearly had control and cradled the ball even after he hit the ground. Three camera angles right in the action even proved this, but the TD was still overturned. Had the Bombers not been up as much as they were at the time, this would have been even more brutal than it already was.


Until next season!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

TIME OUT! Kaepernick/Helmet smash/Trubisky (NFL)

1) Hey Kaep: SHUT UP. While I admit that the whole practice session that the NFL created for Kaepernick was a bit of a mess to begin with, the former NFL QB didn't have to go move the whole thing 60 miles away from Atlanta to make a point, nor did he have to open his mouth afterwards and talk smack about everything.

TIME OUT! We're all getting sick of this nonsense, period. Enough already! Kaep needs to man up, and shut up. The NFL is never going to be on your side. They don't care about anyone but themselves and their billions of dollars.

2) Finish him! Myles Garrett is an idiot, plain and simple. He has a history of being a hot head, and shouldn't ever be allowed back on a football field. I'm in no way a Steelers fan, but watching a QB get his helmet ripped off and slugged in the head with it is criminal as far as I'm concerned. Kudos to the other Steelers that ran in and beat the crap out of Garrett.

And with that being said, I call a TIME OUT on Garrett's 'appeal'. There shouldn't be one allowed under any circumstances.

3) Trubisky. The Chicago Bears are in such disarray as of late that every other sports pundit out there seem to lay the blame on everyone involved, and more so the head coach. TIME OUT! It's clear to me that a coach can only do so much, and this season it looks like Trubisky himself doesn't really want to do much of anything.

He is awful this year, and most of the blame needs to be on him for his poor play. Perhaps he isn't the star the Bears thought he was when they traded up in the draft to get him.

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CFL 107th Grey Cup prediction! (CFL)

This is it folks, the final showdown of the 2019 season. It all comes down to this, the 107th Grey Cup Championship. It's David VS Goliath, and could end up going down as one of the greatest Grey Cup games ever. This year's game will showcase the league's most high-powered offence, against the league's most stingy defence.


The Tiger-Cats were the toast of the league this year, going 15-3 over the course of the year, and steamrolling a lot of teams with their high-powered offence. They never really took their foot off the gas pedal the whole time, and dismantled a weak Edmonton team last week in the East Semi-Final.


Bomber defence is what has helped them get to the Grey Cup, having stymied the Roughrider offence in the West Final last week, with newer acquisition Zach Collaros at QB helping give the offence the extra boost they had needed. The Bombers have faced much adversity this season, losing QB Matt Nichols earlier in the year, as well as other key players on and off. This is a team that above all else, believes they can do the impossible.


This game could potentially go either way. It's not improbable for the Bombers to jump out to an early lead. The weather and conditions will favour the Bombers, and it will be up to the Tiger-Cats to reload and respond. I can easily see the Tiger-Cats coming back and making a game of it, possibly even taking the lead in the second half and turning up the volume.

I am also a believer in the old football adage, 'Defence wins championships'. The Bombers have shown they can shut down high-powered offences this season, and their defence is tops in the league at this time.

Hamilton last went to the Grey Cup in 2013 and 2014, losing to Saskatchewan and Calgary. Winnipeg last went to the Grey Cup in 2011, and lost to B.C.

And without further adieu....

PICK: Blue Bombers


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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

CFL East/West Final predictions! (CFL)

Well, this past Sunday's action was interesting, wasn't it? No one (myself included) could have predicted the Eskimos beating the Alouettes, especially in Montreal. The Esks had stumbled into the playoffs so badly that they should have had a quick exit. Alas, sometimes the universe gets things a little backwards.

Now then, let's jump into the East and West finals!


Edmonton @ Hamilton

The Esks were a fluke last week. This time around, they will get flattened. Hard.

PICK: Tiger-Cats


Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan

As yes, a classic tale of good versus evil out in the heart of the flattest province in our fair country. The Roughriders did manage to get into first place and secure the bye, and I believe that it will be their undoing. Winnipeg came back and rolled right over the Stamps, at home, in cold weather. It's not really going to be any warmer, and that's the way the Bombers like it. Expect Collaros and Streveler to have their way with the Riders, with Andrew Harris running wild as well.

PICK: Blue Bombers


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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

TIME OUT! Baker Mayfield/Adam Gase/Referees (NFL)

There are several really annoying things in the NFL this year that have started to grind my gears in the worst way. Week in, week out, it's the same nonsense over and over. I'm going to go into depth on three of these things in this week's edition of TIME OUT!

1) Baker Mayfield SUCKS. I'll be the first one to admit that I was wrong at the beginning of the year in saying that Mayfield might be the shot in the arm that the Cleveland Browns needed to get going. There was no way they'd make the playoffs, but I had mentioned that they might find their way to a 10-6 record and squeak into the playoffs.

Not happening. Baker Mayfield looks dazed and confused out there, and his decision making process is beyond brutal. Add to the fact that the Browns have been over-hyping themselves since the season began, and you have a lot of dysfunction. TIME OUT, CLEVELAND! Mayfield could be a better QB, but he needs some serious help at the coaching position to get himself fixed. Unfortunately, it's not likely to happen.

2) No Fun League. The officiating this year has been by far, the worst in many years. Flags everywhere, conflicting calls in the end zone from two or more officials, phantom calls, weak personal foul calls (even with massive amounts of video replays), and questionable PI calls that should never have been close to being made.

Some people (and other sports pundits) are quick to say, "Don't blame the refs, blame the NFL" for the on-field antics this year. Sorry, but I'm blaming all involved parties this time, and calling a massive TIME OUT on every official in the NFL. Also, the Command Centre needs to get it's head out of it's ass as well. 'Nuff said.

3) Adam Gase. How in the hell does the Jets' head coach still have a job? Why can't the Jets find a decent head coach at any time? How can they lose to Miami?

I don't have those answers, but I do know that I'm calling TIME OUT on the New York Jets for keeping Gase even after his ineptitude has been on full display this season.

CFL East/West Semi-Final predictions! (CFL)

The regular season is now over, and the playoff matches in the first round are locked and loaded. Without any further adieu, let's get into our picks!


Edmonton @ Montreal

The Eskimos crossed over to the East to snag the final playoff spot (seeing as how the East was the worst of two divisions this year), and will likely get trounced by the Alouettes. The Esks limped into the playoffs on a two-game losing streak amidst much inconsistency. The Als on the other hand go into the post-season on a winning note, with QB Vernon Adams Jr. looking quite good. The Als should win this game, at home, without any issues.

PICK: Alouettes


Winnipeg @ Calgary

Two evenly matched teams that had some issues this year, but managed to get into the playoffs with room to spare. The Stampeders haven't been as consistent this year as they have in previous seasons, while the Bombers have had a much better year that started to be plagued with injuries and such. Even though the game is in Calgary, I think Winnipeg will come out on top, with a Justin Medlock field goal sealing the deal in this game.

PICK: Blue Bombers

FIRST ROUND BYE: Hamilton, Saskatchewan


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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

CFL Week 21 predictions! (CFL)

Well, it's the last week of the regular season in the Canadian Football League. Let's get right into the predictions, and see how things shape up heading into the playoffs.

1) Montreal @ Ottawa

The RedBlacks have been a train wreck this year, and I fully expect to see the coaching staff let go at season's end. That being said, the Alouettes win this one to gain some needed momentum going into the playoffs. If the game turns into a runaway for Montreal, head coach Khari Jones might just rest some of his starters as well.

PICK: Alouettes

2) Edmonton @ Saskatchewan

The Roughriders will most likely want to lock up first place overall in the West, and try to beat up on the Esks in the first half. As I mentioned in the previous match up, the Riders could quite possibly start pulling their starters off the field as well, most likely late in the second half.

PICK: Roughriders

3) Toronto @ Hamilton

The Tiger-Cats have everything locked up at this point, and would be more than foolish to put in any of their starters for more than a series or two at the most. The Argonauts are playing for pride and roster spots for next season, and have nothing to lose.

PICK: Argonauts

4) Calgary @ B.C.

Bo Levi Mitchell might play the whole game, then again he might not. Stampeders' head coach Dave Dickenson is a smart man and strategist who doesn't seem likely to risk his star QB for no reason. Calgary has enough depth on the roster to let them go past the Lions regardless. Hopefully, we'll see a more organized and potent Lions team next season.

PICK: Stampeders

BYE: Winnipeg

SEASON: 58-19

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Monday, October 28, 2019

Three takeaways from NFL this week. (NFL)

This season has already been an interesting one in the National Football League, but not for the right reasons. That being said, the weekend's action contains some interesting points that all focus on the football aspect, and that's a refreshing change. TTS breaks down the top three things we got from said action, and what it means.

1) A cool Brees. Saints' starting quarterback Drew Brees returned from injury, having missed several games due to a thumb ailment in his throwing hand. The Saints beat the Arizona Cardinals 31-9 in New Orleans, with Brees making an impact. He was 34 for 43, with 373 yards and 3 touchdowns. Most of us are beginning to think that Brees is immortal, and will probably play several more seasons before calling it quits. This is man that can come back from an injury, show no rust at all, and dominate like he never left.

2) The San Francisco treat. The 49ers are still undefeated, destroying a one-dimensional Carolina Panthers team that is headed in the opposite direction. The 49ers racked up 51 points on the hapless Panthers, with QB Jimmy Garoppolo going 18 of 22, with 175 yards and 2 touchdowns. The bigger story was on the ground, with RB Tevin Coleman finishing the day with 105 yards and 3 touchdowns. The defence was solid as well, as the wheels keep on turning in San Francisco.

3) J.J. Watt has left the building. Houston Texans defensive back J.J. Watt has suffered a season-ending injury to a pectoral muscle, leaving the game against the Raiders late in the first half. An anchor on defence, Watt will definitely be missed. The Texans currently sit second in the AFC South with a 5-3 record, and have a lot of uncertainty around them now.

3.5) Cleveland rocks.....wait a sec. Various players on the Browns almost guaranteed that they would win in Foxborough on Sunday. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it didn't work out....

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Breaking down the CFB rankings, 24/10/19 (NCAA)

We are now seven weeks into the NCAA college football season, and as always, the rankings do not reflect how good or bad some of the teams in the Top 25 really are. Below are some of the main issues that TTS has with the rankings, and why.

1) Alabama. The annual 'elephant in the room' is on top of the CFB rankings yet again (*yawn*), and not because they are some proficient team. The Crimson Tide get the easiest schedule season after season, beating up on Tier 3 teams or schools with lacklustre football programs that are nowhere near the $1.2 billion dollar mark that the Alabama program commands. As we've said time and again, money heavily influences the Committee, and it makes us sick.

2) Penn State. Sitting at #6 in the rankings, the Nittany Lions have been playing lights out football the whole year. Their offence puts up points consistently, and their defence has been awesome, to say the least. I've caught a couple of their games, and I'm so impressed by this team, and firmly believe they should be sitting at #3 or #2 without a shadow of a doubt.

3) Texas. The Longhorns were somehow in the T25 two weeks ago while sitting at 3-2. While they are now 5-2, I don't believe they should be sitting at #15, ahead of two 7-0 teams and one 6-1 team. This is one of the bigger issues we have with the rankings this year, with more than one team with two losses sitting too high in the rankings, and should be dropped out of the T25 altogether.

4) Wake Forest. Huh? The Demon Deacons are 6-1 and ranked at #25??? Wake Forest should easily be sitting somewhere between #10 and #15 in the T25 without hesitation. At 6-1, they have been a pleasant surprise this year, continuing on with last year's momentum. The fact that they are sitting right at the bottom of the T25 shows just how inept the AP and Committee really are, and it's a crying shame. I keep holding out hope that one day, the T25 rankings will be set by merit and overall team achievement instead of anything else, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

CFL Week 20 predictions! (CFL)

1) Calgary @ Winnipeg

I would like to believe that the Blue Bombers are going to win their last game, especially when it's at home and right before the playoff run, but it's hard to say. This game is also against the team that beat them last week, and I'm hoping the revenge juices are present for this one. They might just pull it off, but only by a few points or less.

PICK: Blue Bombers

2) Hamilton @ Montreal

Will the Tabbies take it easy now that they've clinched the division, and franchise-best win/loss record? Probably not. They might want to keep the gas pedal down to continue the momentum going right into the playoffs. Hamilton hasn't slowed down all year, so why start now?

PICK: Tiger-Cats

3) Ottawa @ Toronto

This could be a game that the Argonauts actually win, due to the downward spiral that the RedBlacks seem to be in these days.

PICK: Argonauts

4) Saskatchewan @ Edmonton

QB Trevor Harris is back for the Esks, but will it help? I don't think so.

PICK: Roughriders


SEASON: 54-19

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

CFL Week 19 predictions! (CFL)

1) Toronto @ Montreal

The Alouettes have clinched a playoff spot and secured second place in the East (which I predicted before the start of the season), but they'll still run over the hapless Argos in this one.

PICK: Alouettes

2) Saskatchewan @ B.C.

Mike Reilly is out for the season due to injury, with the Lions signing Brandon Bridge to be their QB until at least the end of the year. The Roughriders should be able to pad their W-L record with a victory here.

PICK: Roughriders

3) Ottawa @ Hamilton

I feel really bad for the RedBlacks.....

PICK: Tiger-Cats

4) Winnipeg @ Calgary

The Stamps look quite beatable these days, their record notwithstanding. They got into first place in the West due to two other teams having some lacklustre performances. Look for Chris Streveler and the Bombers to play hard and make a statement.

PICK: Blue Bombers

BYE: Edmonton

SEASON: 51-18

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Bombers make an odd move at the deadline. (CFL)

One minute before yesterday's official CFL trade deadline, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have acquired QB Zack Collaros from the Toronto Argonauts for a third round pick in the 2020 draft, and first round pick should Collaros re-sign with the Bombers. Winnipeg also receives a fifth round pick from the Argos as well. While some will see this deal as significant, TTS gives a few reasons why this deal is actually not very good at all.

1) Damaged goods. Zach Collaros is one concussion away from an early retirement, and shouldn't be anymore more than a back up at this point in his career. He's had at least three (or four, or five, depending on how many he's hidden) concussions thus far, and has shown to be quite injury prone over the length of his career. If he chooses to not re-sign at the end of the season, he'll walk away, and it will have cost the team crucial draft picks.

2) Draft picks and depth. Giving up draft picks that could potentially bring young, star players out of college for an older QB that is broken on the best of days makes little sense. In addition to having QB Matt Nichols, as well as QB Chris Streveler, the Blue Bombers should be amassing draft picks to get younger, more affluent players that can quickly be developed into stars. They've done it before, and need to stop trying to rely on stop-gap measures and quick fixes.

3) Money. It's more than likely that the Bombers will pay Collaros to sit on the bench for the remainder of the season, and Collaros isn't exactly a discount either. This money should have been put aside to re-sign Streveler in the off-season, as well as key personnel to keep the nucleus of the team together. It's another reason why this trade makes almost no sense for Winnipeg.

Unfortunately, we may never know the reason why the Blue Bombers did this, or get some half-truths at the next media circus. Only time will tell how this all plays out.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Observations from college football as of late. (NCAA)

Six weeks into the 2019 NCAA season has brought much of the same from last year, with a few interesting points here and there. Below are some things that we at TTS have noticed thus far.

1) Penn State's rank is a joke. Sitting at #10 in the Top 25, Penn State has played lights out football on both sides of the ball, but continues to get no love from the Associated Press. As someone who has watched them play this year, they should be much higher, and if it was me, would easily rank them at #6, ahead of Oklahoma, who even though are undefeated, look very shaky more often than not.

2) Wake Forest hasn't lost - yet. One of the big surprises of this season by far is the fact that the Demon Deacons haven't lost a game. And just like the above mentioned Penn State, they aren't getting any love from the AP, and should be ranked much higher than #19. If you thought the ranking system was dysfunctional year after year, you are correct.

3) Longhorns are a joke. Texas sits 3-2, and yet still has a place in the T25? C'mon AP, get it together. They are the only team in the T24 with two losses, and shouldn't be in the T25 whatsoever. But, as is the case with the AP (just look at #'s 1-4), money talks, and it corrupts everything. Perhaps one day a long time from now it'll be even, but not today.

4) Fighting Irish are on a roll. This past weekend saw the Irish flatten Bowling Green at home in epic fashion. The explosive offence and stingy defence were on full display, as Notre Dame continues to roll. And yet again, they should be ranked ahead of Oklahoma in the T25. I'm not beating a dead horse by any means, I'm just telling it like it is.

5) Hail to the weaklings. Just like every other year, Alabama is #1 not because they are a great team, but because they always draw the world's WEAKEST schedule. They have played Duke, New Mexico State, South Carolina, Southern Miss, and Ole Miss to start the season. Out of all those teams, only Ole Miss was capable of giving them a run for their money, and fell short. As a diehard football fan that just wants to see a decent game between evenly matched teams, let me just say that this kind of thing is garbage - period. Money is valued over competition, and year after year, it shows. The only people who suffer are us - the football fans.

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CFL Week 18 predictions! (CFL)

We're in the home stretch now for CFL football, with only a few weeks left to go before the playoffs start. Some teams are gearing up for a playoff run, some are sputtering suddenly, and a few others won't even make it in. That being said, here's our picks for Week 18!

1) Ottawa @ Toronto

The RedBlacks are in a long, downward spiral. The Argos just got blown out last week by the Lions. Both teams are awful, but I believe that the Argos will come out on top of this one, especially with the news that legend Pinball Clemons is now the GM of the team.

PICK: Argonauts

2) Saskatchewan @ Calgary

After being stunned by the Alouettes in Montreal last week, the Stampeders are back home, and looking for blood. The Roughriders are coming off a fluke win, and need to have a dose of reality check. Bo Levi Mitchell will make the difference here.

PICK: Stampeders

3) Montreal @ Winnipeg

The Alouettes clinched a berth in the playoffs last week, but arrive in Winnipeg to play a Blue Bombers team that came up short last week, and need to get back on track before their playoff run begins. The Bomber run game will be huge this week, and expect Streveler to have a better game.

PICK: Blue Bombers

4) B.C. @ Edmonton

Trevor Harris is still out, and B.C. is on a tear right now. The Eskimos have been in decline since before the middle of the season, and it's mind boggling. Look for B.C. to continue with their momentum and come out on top.

PICK: Lions

BYE: Hamilton

SEASON: 48-17

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Argos fire GM, then hire GM/Niners remain perfect. (CFL/NFL)

This year has been a big mess for the Toronto Argonauts, and it wasn't much of a surprise early this morning when they fired Jim Popp as General Manager. The real surprise came just minutes ago, when the Argonauts named former player, head coach, and Grey Cup champion (and overall good guy) Michael 'Pinball' Clemons as their new GM.

Straight up, I can say with certainty that this is a very good idea, and might just be what the Argonauts need to rise up out of the gutter next season, and bring respectability back to the team. He's been a great ambassador for the team, the CFL, and the City of Toronto for quite some time, and this move just makes so much sense. Here's hoping the Argos have found that light at the end of the tunnel and come out ahead once again.

Those 'Niners! Last night on Monday Night Football, the San Francisco 49ers dismantled the Cleveland Browns, with the offence running rampant over the hapless Browns, and the defence getting it done with sacks and pass rushing, nevermind what they did against the run. QB Jimmy Garoppolo had a pretty decent game, racking up 181 yards, going 20 for 29 with two touchdowns. Both running backs were studs, while TE Greg Kittle was a superman all by himself as well.

The defence was solid, with high draft pick  Nick Bosa making a huge statement. Richard Sherman also was top notch, picking off Browns' QB Baker Mayfield as well. The 49ers haven't started 4-0 since 1990, when some guy (just kidding!) named Joe Montana (GOAT!) was tossing touchdown passes to a wide receiver named Jerry Rice, whoever that was. (another GOAT!) The fans were loud and proud, and going nuts in the stands at Levi Stadium.

As far as Monday night games go, that one was awesome.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Heads are rolling, starting with Jay Gruden. (NFL)

As predicted by almost every sports outlet since the beginning of the 2019 NFL season, Jay Gruden has been fired as coach of the Washington Redskins. With an 0-5 start and a team that looks horribly confused even on the best of days, it was inevitable. The Redskins have been described as nothing more than a large dumpster fire as of late, and their inability to win games (or even put points on the board) has now cost people their jobs.

With this in mind, TTS looks at the next likely head coaches that will join the annual 'soup kitchen' line before the end of the season:

1) Zac Brown, Cincinnati Bengals. Another coach that is 0-5 to start the season, Brown could potentially be sacked sooner rather than later, as the Bengals are the picture of dysfunction right now. It's not all the coach's fault however, as the Bengals need to figure out that QB Andy Dalton is not, and never was the answer they needed to become successful.

2) Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers. Tomlin is so far past his best before date, that it's a small wonder he hasn't been shown the door up to this point. The Steelers have fallen into irrelevancy (good!), and this should spell the end of his tenure in Pittsburgh.

3) Brian Flores, Miami Dolphins. Can you say blown out? That's what the Dolphins have been doing this season - getting blow out by everyone. Players want out, the fans are leaving in droves, and the team stinks so bad, the stench won't go away anytime soon. Will firing Flores fix the team? Probably not, but what else can you do?

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

TIME OUT! Winless Teams/Patriots/Brown (again) (NFL)

1) You losers you. The Redskins, Bengals, and Broncos all have one thing in common - they haven't yet won a game this season. The Redskins are beyond legendary in their ineptitude, with head coach Jay Gruden (who will probably hit the soup kitchen line first and foremost this year) on the thinnest ice possible. The Broncos have GM John Elway to blame, constantly bringing in QBs that don't cut the mustard (we're looking at YOU, Flacco!).

Lastly, the Bengals have been terrible, making some of us wonder when they'll finally admit that QB Andy Dalton really does suck! How long has he been there, and accomplished nothing? Dalton never was the answer, yet the ownership doesn't see it that way. TIME OUT, CINCY! Do yourselves a favour and get rid of carrot-top already!

2) Clam chowder, redux. As someone completely sick and tired of the Patriots (haven't watched the last two Super Bowls because of this, which is a shame in itself), let me just say ENOUGH ALREADY! They get weak schedules, every break imaginable, and if that isn't bad enough, ram Tom Brady (I don't care what you say, that cheating SOB isn't the GOAT!) down our throats.

People don't want to tune in and see the same junk year after year, so TIME OUT on all this New England Nonsense! It makes me want to throw up....

3) Again with the Brown. Seriously? Antonio Brown is still making headlines? TIME OUT to every sports network/paper/etc. that gives this fool mention. PLEASE. STOP. IT. NOW.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

CFL Week 17 predictions! (CFL)

1) Edmonton @ Hamilton

How do you think this will go? Badly, for the Eskimos.

PICK: Tiger-Cats

2) Calgary @ Montreal

The Alouettes suffered a brutal loss to a lesser team last week against the Lions. Even with QB Vernon Adams back, they won't have enough gas in the tank to stop Bo Levi Mitchell and the Stampeders. Regardless of the situation, the Stamps still have a lot of depth to contend with.

PICK: Stampeders

3) Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan

The Blue Bombers need a bounce-back game, and need it now. Currently in a two game slide, they need the momentum back on their side for their upcoming playoff run. Beating the 'Riders at Mosaic would be a huge confidence boost, and I think they can do it.

PICK: Blue Bombers

4) Toronto @ B.C.

The Lions have been on a late season roll, and I expect it to continue this week.

PICK: Lions

BYE: Ottawa

SEASON: 46-15

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

CFL Week 16 predictions! (CFL)

TTS should have gone 4-0 in last week's picks, but as is the case sometimes, a CFL referee changed the course of the Winnipeg/Montreal game, throwing a wrench into our perfect week. With that having been said, let's jump right into Week 16!

1) Hamilton @ Winnipeg

The Bombers are back at home, and face a huge test this week. Coming off a game in Montreal where the officials got a huge play wrong and cost them the game, the Bombers need to reload and take it to the Tiger-Cats, the game being a likely preview of this year's Grey Cup. Hamilton is good, but Winnipeg will be angry, and hungry. Expect them to win by a score.

PICK: Blue Bombers

2) Edmonton @ Ottawa

Something is fundamentally wrong with the RedBlacks, as this week's battle of the losing streaks will see one team end theirs, while the other one continues the downward spiral. I don't think anything can help the RedBlacks now, especially after getting thumped by B.C. last week.

PICK: Eskimos

3) Saskatchewan @ Toronto

Sorry Argos, but this doesn't look good for you at all.

PICK: Roughriders

4) Montreal @ B.C.

Vernon Adams Jr. is suspended for this game (should have been more), and the B.C. offence has come alive recently, and in dramatic fashion.

PICK: Lions

BYE: Calgary

SEASON: 43-14

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Friday, September 20, 2019

Antonio Brown redux. (NFL)

Just when everyone thought the Antonio Brown sideshow might finally take a back seat to some actual football, it's back, and in our faces once again.

Almost two weeks ago, the Oakland Raiders (who had paid a lot of money to sign Brown and make him a central part of the team released Brown due to infighting and incidents with management. Originally supposed to be suspended, Brown had apologized, before being shown the door, his contract with the team voided on the spot.

Later in the day, it was announced that Brown had quickly signed with the New England Patriots, and was expected to start, instead sitting until the next game. All of a sudden, he was accused of sexual assault, with the accuser meeting with the NFL and furthering the issue. The Patriots (more specifically Bill Belichick) declined most comments, insisting that everything would work out.

Now, almost a week later, Brown has been suddenly released by the Patriots, who have gone on record saying that they are 'going in a different direction.' Antonio Brown is little more than a side show, and at best a distraction. He has the talent and athleticism to continue to be the biggest star WR in the league today, but continues to make everything about him, to the chagrin of NFL teams.

I personally don't think it's wise for any NFL team to sign him, as he has proven to be disruptive and uncooperative to whichever team he plays on. This is such a waste, given the talent I have already mentioned. It's not known what's next for Brown, but one can only hope he cleans up his act and takes a long, hard look in the mirror. The ends don't justify the means in this case, as one man's selfishness and arrogance (not to mention ego) will always be there to hold him back from greatness, should be really want to achieve it in the long run.

Football is a team sport, and perhaps this needs to be communicated to Brown, before it's too late.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

CFL Week 15 predictions! (CFL)

We're back to a full four-game schedule this week in the CFL, so let's get started, shall we?

1) Calgary @ Toronto

As awesome as Toronto's big win two weeks ago was, and despite the fact that the Argos have had a bye week to rest up, I still see them coming up short against the Stamps. Beating a confused and directionless Ottawa team is one thing, but Calgary is more complete, and should come out on top.

PICK: Stampeders

2) Hamilton @ Edmonton

The Esks had so much promise when the season started, and seemed to be going nowhere but up. As of late, they have been lacklustre on offence, and their defence looks out of touch right now. The Tabbies will take advantage of this.

PICK: Tiger-Cats

3) Winnipeg @ Montreal.

Andrew Harris returns after a two week suspension, and has something to prove. He and QB Streveler will put on a show in Montreal. The Bomber defence will also keep rolling as well.

PICK: Blue Bombers

4) B.C. @ Ottawa

If this game was earlier in the season, I would take Ottawa. Unfortunately, the RedBlacks are turning into a bigger mess than the Lions at the moment (who'd thought it possible?), while the Lions are coming off their second win of the season, giving the team a boost. Look for Lions' QB Mike Reilly to keep the momentum going.

PICK: Lions

BYE: Saskatchewan

SEASON: 40-13

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The NFL hospital is filling up - already! (NFL)

Week two has just concluded in the NFL, and we already have several star players out with injury. It didn't take long for all of this to happen, and it's thrown several teams into instant turmoil to start the season, possibly derailing their 2019 campaigns entirely.

Here are the most notable injuries so far:

Drew Brees. The New Orleans pivot suffered a thumb injury in the Saints' loss to the Rams. It looks like he's damaged the ligaments in said thumb, and stands to be out at least four weeks, if not six. This is Drew Brees, however, and he should be back in record time. Good thing that, because Teddy Bridgewater (as much as I like the guy) hasn't found his groove.

Sam Darnold/Trevor Siemian. Things are going from bad to worse for the Jets. Darnold is already out for six weeks after coming down with mono, and now Trevor Siemian is out with an ankle injury suffered in last night's loss versus the Browns. (Yes, the BROWNS!) The Jets are down to their thrid-stringer, and it looks pretty messy to say the least.

Big Ben. Steelers' QB Ben Roethlisberger is out for the year, needing Tommy John surgery (this happens in football?) to fix his damaged elbow. Hear that? That's the sound of head coach Mike Tomlin breathing heavily and pacing around the room....

While it is only two weeks into the 2019 campaign, major injuries like these can easily derail a team's season quite easily. The Jets are a mess on both sides of the ball right now, and they may not recover well enough to do anything. There is hope for the Saints, and if Bridgewater can play well in the next couple of weeks and win some games, the Saints will be in decent shape when Brees returns. As for the Steelers, they look flat, period. Losing Big Ben was the worst thing that could happen to that team. They really need to start getting younger, and that needs to happen at QB first and foremost. Big Ben needs to retire, and let the youth movement break through.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Take aways from the first week of the 2019 NFL season. (NFL)

The soap opera that is the NFL didn't take long (as usual) to give us some drama and whatnot in the first week of the season. TTS looks at some of the juicy items on the menu, and breaks down what it means at the moment.

Here goes!

1) Antonio Brown. Where to begin with this man? The whole off-season and pre-season huff about his helmet finally starts to die down. Then what happens? He gets into a tiff with his GM, is almost disciplined and suspended, before Jon Gruden goes out and says that, "Brown has apologized and will start on Week One."

Brown then promptly gets released by the Raiders (voiding his massive contract), and that's the end of it, right? Nope. In a move that smells of the usual new England tomfoolery, he gets signed by the Patriots and is pegged to start against the Steelers, the end. (Oh, you thought it as over?) Nope, not done yet! He wasn't in the line-up, and not 24 hours later, has a huge lawsuit thrown at him over allegations (not overly surprised here) of rape and such. Brown is an overpriced train-wreck, and shouldn't be playing on any NFL team. No one needs that level of selfish side-show antics. Period.

2) Nick Foles, we hardly knew you. The Jacksonville starting QB signed a mega-deal over the off season to become the Jags' starter, and things were finally looking up for the team. Then, Week 1 happened, and Nick Foles broke a collarbone and will be out indefinitely. This almost mirrors what happens to 49ers' QB Jimmy Garoppolo last year, tearing his ACL in Week 3, also after signing a rich contract. Not good at all.

3) Rusted Steel. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate the Steelers almost as much as I hate the Patriots. Problem is, they usually have an awesome defence, and I drafted them in my fantasy football league (being smart here, instead of angry) for the season. What happens? They looked so bad against New England it wasn't even funny. A group of six-year-olds with a football could have diced them up and run up the score.

You'd think I'd be happy about this, but as I said: I HATE THE PATRIOTS MORE!

4) Cleveland Browns. Bahahahahaha! That is all.

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CFL Week 14 predictions! (CFL)

Well, it's Week 14 in the CFL, and it happens to be yet another one of those three game schedules, with three teams on bye (who's in charge of that, anyways?). If we're all really lucky, the league will do a better job with scheduling next season. Aside from all of that, let's get started with our picks for Week 14!

1) Ottawa @ B.C.

This one will be ugly, and it's almost a toss-up as to who will win this game. Johnathon Jennings makes his return to the B.C., while the Lions will be trying to get anything going at this point. Whoever commits the fewest mistakes wins this game, and I honestly think it's B.C. this time.

PICK: Lions

2) Hamilton @ Calgary

This one is a tough call, as Calgary is starting to roll, and Hamilton has been in a nice rhythm for some time. That being said, Hamilton is coming off a bye week, and Calgary might just keep up their win streak. It will be close, but the Stamps should pull it out at home, this time.

PICK: Stampeders

3) Montreal @ Saskatchewan

I have been big on the Alouettes this season, even going so far to say they'd stay near or at the top of the East division this year. They are, but this week might not go as planned for them. The Roughriders are coming off a humiliating defeat against the Blue Bombers last week, and are at home. They will want blood, and lots of it.

PICK: Roughriders

BYE: Winnipeg, Toronto, Edmonton

SEASON: 37-13

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

CFL Week 13 predictions! (CFL)

Last week didn't go as planned, and would have been a disaster for TTS had the Tiger-Cats not come back and beat the Argos. Also, the Eskimos don't seem to know how the red zone works, and we're tired of picking them only to watch an implosion on the field.

This week looks more promising, so let's begin!

1) B.C. @ Montreal

A bunch of Lions walk into a Montreal bar, and....ouch. This one could ugly fast. The Alouettes should win at home, and put some points up in the process.

PICK: Alouettes

2) Toronto @ Ottawa

Both teams have lost three in a row, but the Argos have almost won in the last few weeks, and come up short. This time, they should prevail over a RedBlacks team that is largely inconsistent on offence and defence. Johnathon Jennings notwithstanding.

PICK: Argonauts

3) Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and this one will be very cold. After losing a close one against the 'Riders in Saskatchewan last week, expect the Bombers to play with a little more heart after that gut-check, and kick some ass at home. It won't be a runaway, but they'll come out on top.

PICK: Blue Bombers

4) Calgary @ Edmonton

Bo Levi Mitchell was solid in his return last week, handily beating the anemic Eskimo offence. He'll do it again this week, and the Esks' red zone problems will get worse.

PICK: Stampeders

BYE: Hamilton

SEASON: 33-13

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

CFL Week 12 predictions! (CFL)

Thanks to the ever so interesting way that the CFL makes a schedule, we only have three games this week, and three teams off on bye. It's also very disappointing to see that the CFL didn't schedule a RedBlacks/Alouettes game on this rivalry weekend either.

1) Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan

The Labour Day classic usually lives up to that moniker between these two teams, and this one should be no different. The only issue is that the Blue Bombers are missing their two biggest starters, QB Matt Nichols, and RB Andrew Harris. That being said, the Bombers have impressive depth and lots of heart. It will be a close game, but the Bombers should come out on top.

PICK: Blue Bombers

2) Toronto @ Hamilton

Beat down anyone?

PICK: Tiger-Cats

3) Edmonton @ Calgary

This is a tough one to call. Both teams aren't very consistent this year, and their defences haven't been really effective. Calgary has been completely beatable at home this year, while Edmonton has struggled with rhythm and red zone production. After getting taken to overtime and losing last week, I think Calgary might just squeak past the Eskimos here.

PICK: Stampeders

BYE: B.C., Montreal, Ottawa

SEASON: 32-11

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Andrew Luck retires, effective immediately! (NFL)

Adam Schefter of ESPN has reported that quarterback Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts, will announce today his decision to retire from the NFL. He has apparently notified Colts' owner Jim Irsay, and there will be a press conference at some point this afternoon.

Andrew Luck has had numerous injuries throughout his career, missing the better part of the last three seasons because of it. This news is most surprising, as he had performed quite well in the 2018-19 campaign, leading the Colts back into the playoffs. He had missed all of the previous season due to a shoulder injury, and looked to be back in prime form.

With Luck suddenly retiring, this would suggest that back-up quarterback Jacoby Brissett will take over the reins and lead the team to open the 2019-20 season in a couple of weeks. As good as Brissett is, this move by Luck might just throw the Colts into some quick turmoil, as Luck has been their leader for some time now, and may leave a void. On the other hand, it might give Brissett a giant reason to become a star player in his own right, and give him the drive to make the Colts his team.

If the Colts can quickly figure out an offence around Brissett, and keep their defence going strong from last season, they might very well be a playoff-calibre team again this year, and go futher than they did last season. For now, we all await the press conference to get the details of Andrew Luck's surprise departure.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Winnipeg NFL debacle. (NFL/CFL)

The Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers played a preseason game in Winnipeg at IG Field on Thursday night, and everything about it seemed completely wrong. An NFL player player showing up the day before and wearing a t-shirt that read, 'Winnipeg, Alberta' set the tone for the mess that happened out Manitoba way. I will try to sum up the mess below, as best I can.

Really small field. The NFL should already have known that the CFL plays on a much bigger field, and should have planned ahead accordingly with the Bombers organization and IG Field. To freak out at the last moment and having to serve up an NFL field that was only 80 yards long (Yeah, you heard that right) was an embarassment in itself.

The end zones were started at the 10-yard line to make up for the chunks of turf that were needed to cover the holes in the ground for the CFL uprights. The fact that an entity as big and organized as the NFL failed to take this into consideration ahead of time is a joke. This was never an issue when the Buffalo Bills played home games in Toronto some years ago, as the logistics were planned out ahead of time.

You get benched, you get benched, everyone gets benched! Both teams sat two thirds of their starting rosters, including the QB's and other key players. I know it's preseason and all, but when you're trying to make further inroads in the Canadian market, sitting all the known players isn't exactly what you'd call a 'good idea'. No one wants to pay to see backups and third stringers, and this was evident in the low attendance in the stands.

At least put the star players in for the first quarter, and then pull them out for safety's sake. Give the fans a taste of the real action first and foremost, or did the NFL forget that without the fan, they are nothing?

As big as the NFL is, they could learn a lot from the CFL and how we do things up here. I've been a fan of all three major leagues (CFL, NFL, NCAA) since I was a kid, and let me say that no one puts on a better game than the CFL. Let this be a lesson for the No Fun League.

I for one, hope they learn from it.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

CFL Week 11 predictions! (CFL)

1) Winnipeg @ Edmonton

Bombers QB Matt Nichols is on the 6-week injured list, and even though that sucks, it gives back-up QB Chris Streveler some time to shine. With all due respect to the Eskimos, the Bombers will win a close one in Edmonton.

PICK: Blue Bombers

2) Ottawa @ Saskatchewan

Inconsistency has plagued the RedBlacks all season long, and this week will be no different for them. The Roughriders are at home, and on a 4-game win streak. They should be able to take care of the RedBlacks in this one.

PICK: Roughriders

3) Hamilton @ B.C.

The Lions are just a mess, and the Ticats should be able to roll right over them. Little else to say about this game.

PICK: Tiger-Cats

4) Montreal @ Toronto

The Als are coming off a huge win over a decent Calgary team last week. This time around, they play an awful Toronto team that can't seem to get anything going. Even though the Argos are at home, this won't end well for them.

PICK: Alouettes

BYE: Calgary

SEASON: 28-11

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

CFL Week 10 predictions! (CFL)

1) B.C. @ Winnipeg

This one gets ugly for the Lions, and fast. After breaking their two-game losing streak last week against the Stamps, the Bombers will keep rolling, and right over the hapless Lions.

PICK: Blue Bombers

2) Edmonton @ Toronto

Another ugly game in the making, the Eskimos should make short work of the Argos.

PICK: Eskimos

3) Hamilton only beat B.C. by one point last week. Expect the RedBlacks to put up a bigger fight at home, but only win this game by a one to three point margin. The Ticats are good, but without Jeremiah Masoli, are not as consistent.

PICK: RedBlacks

4) Montreal @ Calgary

This is the hardest game of the week to figure out. Both teams are second in their divisions. Both teams are coming off a loss last week. The Stamps are still without QB Bo Levi Mitchell, but Montreal gets QB Vernon Adams Jr. back for this one. Even though Calgary is at home, I see the Alouettes pulling this one out, but not by much.

PICK: Alouettes

BYE: Saskatchewan

SEASON: 24-11

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

TIME OUT! Kaepernick/Brown/Brady (NFL)

To deal with some of the absurd football stories that pop up from time to time, TTS introduces: 'TIME OUT!' These posts focus on the football world's most ridiculous news items, and calls a time out on some of them, and for good reason. Without further adieu, let's get started!

1) Colin Kaepernick. Will this never end, or do we get to hear about this 'man' until the end of time itself? Once a rising star in the NFL, his stock was depleted almost overnight by his willingness to turn football games into political grand stands. While I have never been one to argue against free speech and personal opinion, there is a time and a place.

Football games (and sports in general) are society's way to escape politics and the real world for a few hours here and there. The last thing we need is to see politics get into sport and ruin the games we love. Kaepernick says he wants to have football in his life. TIME OUT KAEP! We're all tired of your nonsense. You wonder why no one wants you on a football team? Look in the mirror.

2) Helmet fail? Antonio Brown (wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders) has stated that he won't ever play football again because he can't have his old football helmet. Apparently, he has been sent several newer, safer models of helmet, only to refuse them.

TTS calls a TIME OUT on Brown, and a permanent one. Brown always makes everything about him, and throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way. He is nothing more than a sideshow who's had his time under the light and needs to be disciplined once and for all. What were the Raiders thinking when they acquired him? Were they thinking? I bet the front office types in Pittsburgh are laughing their asses off right now, and for good reason.

3) Real estate. Tom Brady has reportedly sold his house in Massachusetts. We're going to call a TIME OUT on this one right away, and let me get straight to the point: No one outside of Massachusetts gives a damn. Period.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

CFL Week 9 predictions! (CFL)

If anyone noticed, last week was bizzarro land in the CFL. Up was down, down was up, and the teams that should have won actually lost, and vice versa. Look for a return to normality this week, which is what we sorely need. Anyways, onto the picks!

1) Calgary @ Winnipeg

The Bombers have lost two in a row (ugh), with that ugly loss to the Argos last week (more ugh) of all teams. They are back home, and will be looking to bounce back and make a statement. What better team to make an example of than the Stamps? Bombers should take this one by a TD.

PICK: Blue Bombers

2) Saskatchewan @ Montreal

Vernon Adams Jr. is out of this game due to injury, so the 'Riders should be able to leave Montreal with a W here. All they need to do is be consistent on offence and defence.

PICK: Roughriders

3) Ottawa @ Edmonton

Not sure what the deal is with both teams. Rick Campbell and squad can't seem to do anything right as of late, while the Esks are under performing heavily right now. The Eskimos win this game, but not by much.

PICK: Eskimos

4) B.C. @ Hamilton

The Tiger-Cats will run wild. 'Nuff said.

PICK: Tiger-Cats

BYE: Toronto

SEASON: 20-11

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Masoli out, Campbell on thin ice? (CFL)

As you may have already heard, Hamilton Tiger-Cats QB Jeremiah Masoli suffered a season-ending injury against the Blue Bombers last week, tearing an ACL. The Ticats' season will likely go south from here on in, as that team is mainly built around Masoli, with little depth at the quarterback position. Head coach Orlondo Steinauer has some decisions to make at quarterback, but with mostly inexperienced players to choose from, it doesn't look good.

Campbell could be on the way out. Even though RedBlacks head coach Rick Campbell won a Grey Cup in Ottawa, he might be on his way out. It seems that this season, he is starting to be put on a short leash, and with his recent gaffe in last week's game against the Stampeders, it's no wonder. No matter how decorated a head coach is, the theme in professional football is all about 'What have you done for me lately'.

With his team tanking in the last few weeks, and no consistency on offence, someone will have to eventually take the fall. Rick Campbell has put most of this on himself this season with his own bad decision making and terrible calls. As the CFL season starts to get closer to the halfway mark, expect a change handed down from the RedBlacks' front office. Hell, hiring Kavis Reed (recently let go by the Alouettes) wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

A sinking ship. The Argos seem to get worse and worse as each game of the season comes and goes. They've been outscored, outplayed, and outgunned since the 2019 campaign began, and there looks to be no end in sight. The offence is unorganized and sloppy, the defence is Swiss cheese on a good day, and special teams are a disaster. The post-Ricky Ray era hasn't gotten off to a good start, and something needs to be done, and soon. Waiting until the off-season to make any changes will only serve to damage the team and it's fan base further.

The Argos need a spark, and fast.

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CFL Week 8 predictions! (CFL)

1) Winnipeg @ Toronto

Last week, the Blue Bombers were upset by the Tiger-Cats, getting an early reality check in the process. Expect the Blue Bombers to flat out destroy the directionless Argos in this one.

PICK: Blue Bombers

2) Hamilton @ Saskatchewan

The Ticats lost their starting QB for the season last week, as Jeremiah Masoli tore his ACL. The Roughriders are at home, and riding a two game win streak. Expect it to continue against Hamilton, as the Roughriders will keep their momentum.

PICK: Roughriders

3) Ottawa @ Montreal

All of a sudden, the Alouettes are on a roll, and the RedBlacks can't seem to get anything right. I firmly believe that the Als will pull this one out, with Rick Campbell's job being in jeopardy after this game concludes. Vernon Adams Jr. should have a field day here.

PICK: Alouettes

4) Edmonton @ Calgary

The Battle of Alberta rages on this week. Two decent teams that have been on a roll meet at McMahon Stadium. Identical records notwithstanding, I'm going to have to give the Eskimos a slight advantage, as Calgary's starting QB Mitchell is still out, while Esks QB Harris has been hot as of late. This one will go down to the wire.

PICK: Eskimos


SEASON: 19-8

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

CFL Week 7 predictions! (CFL)

1) Calgary @ Ottawa

Neither of these teams have been overly consistent so far this season, with Ottawa being slightly worse. The RedBlacks are coming off a beat down at the hands of the Blue Bombers, and look to ignite their offence with something. Even though this game is in Ottawa, I see the Stamps pulling this one out.

PICK: Stampeders

2) Toronto @ Edmonton

The Eskimos are at home, and Trevor Harris might just have a big day against the Argos. Toronto still hasn't figured out it's direction as of yet, so look for the Esks to capitalize here.

PICK: Eskimos

3) Winnipeg @ Hamilton

The Blue Bombers will play a more quality opponent in the Tiger-Cats, but will still be victorious, as they are running on all cylinders right now, and look to keep crushing the opposition.

PICK: Blue Bombers

4) Saskatchewan @ B.C.

I honestly have no idea anymore what the problem in B.C. is. Nothing they do seems to work, even against weaker teams. The Roughriders should handle the Lions easily this week.

PICK: Roughriders

BYE: Montreal

SEASON: 16-7

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

CFL Week 6 predictions! (CFL)

1) Toronto @ Calgary

Calgary is at home. Toronto is winless. You do the math.

PICK: Stampeders

2) Ottawa @ Winnipeg

While it's true that the Blue Bombers will eventually have to lose a game or two, it doesn't happen at home this week versus the RedBlacks. Ottawa has been too inconsistent on offence, and they face a stingy Bombers defence that should eat them for lunch.

PICK: Blue Bombers

3) Edmonton @ Montreal

As much as I like Vernon Adams Jr. and what he's done in a short period of time, the Alouettes are most certainly going to come up short against the Eskimos. The Als might make a game of it, but expect the Eskimos to pull away in the second half and get the win.

4) B.C. @ Saskatchewan

This is the most interesting match up of the week, as both teams could potentially be better than their records would show. The Roughriders are still without starting QB Zach Collaros, and the Lions are still sputtering on offence, not giving QB Mike Reilly the support he needs to be effective. Also, both defences aren't that great, so this game might come down to who makes the least amount of mistakes. The Lions will put up a fight than the Argos, but will still come up short by a hair.

PICK: Roughriders

BYE: Hamilton

SEASON: 13-6

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Notes from the 2019 CFL season thus far. (CFL)

             Well, we're five weeks into the CFL season, and we here at TTS would like to take this opportunity to critique what has gone down so far. The following are some news and notes from the season thus far.

Toothless Lions. The off season brought a lot of hype with the Lions' acquisition of star quarterback Mike Reilly from the free agency pool. It was expected that the Lions would be instant contenders, what with their stud receiving corps and whatnot. Fast forward to now. The Lions are dead last in the West with a 1-4 record. Reilly has been inconsistent, the defence is horrible, and no one is stepping up to make the big plays. The Lions are almost as big of a mess as the Argos. Almost.

Bombers be rolling. Winnipeg is the class of the league right now, with everything firing on all cylinders. The defence has given up a CFL low of 79 points thus far, and the offence continues to put up the points and find ways to score. QB Matt Nichols is having a great year, and it seems as if the Bombers finally have found the formula needed to take them to the Grey Cup.

Stamped. The Calgary Stampeders are without their star quarterback for six weeks, and it's shown. As good as backup QB Arbuckle is, the Stampeders just aren't the same team without Bo Levi Mitchell at the helm. Their defence isn't broken at this point, but you can see the cracks. The Stamps will have an interesting time trying to keep up with the rival Eskimos in the standings this year.

Don't count out the birds. The Montreal Alouettes may only be sitting at 2-2, but I still believe (as per my predictions for the season) that they will give Hamilton a run for first place in the East and have a good chance at finishing on top. Vernon Adams is turning into a stud at QB, and the rest of the team is finding that groove needed to succeed.

Twitter war! Without going into too much detail (because it's not THAT big of deal), the Argos recently got into a Twitter war with the Blue Bombers, only to get shut down hard. Some people are crying foul because the Bombers made fun of the Argos' attendance. Sorry, but that's not offensive or mean, it's apt. Argos: If you can't take the heat, stay out of the oven!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

CFL Week 5 predictions! (CFL)

1) Edmonton @ B.C.

The Eskimos won the first match up against the Lions at home, and I firmly believe they will win again in Vancouver. Even though the Lions did win last week, it was only by one point against a listless Toronto team that they should have beaten by a lot more. Even with Mike Reilly at the helm, the Lions don't seem to firing on all cylinders, and may need a few more weeks to get going.

PICK: Eskimos

2) Toronto @ Winnipeg

This one's not even going to be close. The Bombers should have no trouble manhandling the Argos at home. Expect it to be a slaughter from the get go.

PICK: Blue Bombers

3) Montreal @ Ottawa

This has the potential to be the most interesting match up of the week. Montreal is coming off a surprise beat down of Hamilton, while Ottawa dropped a game at home against the Blue Bombers last week. The Alouettes will be hungry to keep putting up numbers, while the RedBlacks might just have an issue at quarterback.

PICK: Alouettes

4) Calgary @ Hamilton

I didn't give the Stampeders a chance last week, and they burned me. The Tiger-Cats have the better record and are at home, but after getting stunned by Montreal last week, they might just be the biggest posers in the CFL right now. Calgary should win a close one here.

PICK: Stampeders

BYE: Saskatchewan

SEASON: 10-5

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

CFL Week 4 predictions! (CFL)

1) Hamilton @ Montreal

If you thought the last game between these two was uneven, wait until this game finishes. Home field advantage for the Alouettes (such as it is right now) won't mean a thing, as the Ticats should be able to easily dispatch a listless Alouette team and run up the score again in the process.

PICK: Tiger-Cats

2) Winnipeg @ Ottawa

The class of the West versus the class of the East. Someone is going to lose this one, and it will be the RedBlacks, at home. The Winnipeg defence is just too good, allowing no touchdowns against the Eskimos last week. The same scenario will likely play out in Ottawa this week.

PICK: Blue Bombers

3) B.C. @ Toronto

Both teams are winless. The Lions have lost games they could have won, while the Argos have gotten steamrolled by everyone thus far. Mike Reilly will bounce back and have himself a much needed game against a Toronto team that looks lost at best. I'd like to say there's light at the end of the tunnel for the Argos, but it's just not true as of yet.

PICK: Lions

4) Calgary @ Saskatchewan

This game could potentially go either way, but it won't. Calgary will be missing starting QB Bo Levi Mitchell, which will affect the offence. The Roughriders are coming off a home beatdown of the Argonauts, and look to keep on rolling. The home crowd will help the Roughriders win a close one over the Stampeders this week.

PICK: Roughriders

BYE: Edmonton


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Monday, July 1, 2019

Ticats up, Lions down. (CFL)

          We're almost through three whole weeks of the 2019 CFL season, and there are already some interesting story lines throughout the league. I have always been of the opinion that the first three weeks are not enough to critique a team, as there is still lots of time to mount a turnaround and right the ship. That being said, a few teams have had an alarming start, and it may translate poorly for the rest of the season, or a huge flip-flop might be in order.

1) The swing of the Hammer. The Tiger-Cats have started 3-0 this year, and many people (mostly from Hamilton, but some from around the league) have already anointed them as the team to beat, or the early Grey Cup favourite. Personally, I'm not buying it, as they haven't beaten a team with substance as of yet.

Hamilton has wins against a Saskatchewan squad that lost their franchise quarterback and have little else to step up, the Toronto Argos, who are in a rebuild and are struggling to find their identity in the post-Ricky Ray era, and a woeful Alouettes team that currently has no direction. The Tiger-Cats don't have a real test until Week 5 when they play Calgary.

2) Toothless Lions. When B.C. acquired Mike Reilly through free agency, I figured they would start the season at least 2-1, due to their already existing weapons that Reilly would help make even more fearsome. The opposite has happened, with the Lions winless through three weeks. Their defence isn't keeping them in the game, and the offence is just not putting up enough points to get the job done. Even though the season is still young, there must be some kind of urgency in B.C. right now to fix what ails them. Otherwise, it'll be another long year for the Lions.

3) The 25-yard objectionable conduct penalty is stupid. In the first game of the season, Roughriders' QB Zach Collaros was knocked out of a game by the Ticats' Simoni Lawrence. I still maintain it wasn't the most vicious hit I've seen, and it wasn't helmet to helmet. While I agree that there needs to be penalties, 25 yards on the whole team is too much. If anything, the CFL should have maintained the 15-yard penalty, but if the hit is deemed malicious, then the player responsible should be ejected immediately and suspended a game. This whole 25-yard thing is a little too much, and it takes away from the game.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

CFL Week 3 predictions! (CFL)

1) Edmonton @ Winnipeg

Even though the Eskimos are 2-0 and leading the West division, they'll come up short against a Blue Bombers team that wants to open at home with a bang. The offence should fire on all cylinders, and the defence will end up containing Trevor Harris by game's end. Look for it to be a close one, however. Also.....key Blue Bombers return from injury, giving the team a needed boost.

PICK: Blue Bombers

2) Montreal @ Hamilton

Not much to say here. Alouettes QB Pipkin is out for a while, and the team isn't going to do well against a Tiger-Cats team that put up over 60 points last week in Toronto. Expect the 'Cats to steamroll the Alouettes at home.

PICK: Tiger-Cats

3) BC @ Calgary

Both teams are winless to start the season, with the Stampeders getting beat up at home last week by Ottawa, and the Lions losing out in Mike Reilly's return to Edmonton. This is a game that could go either way, and even though the Stamps are usually stellar at home, I'm going to say that the Lions will squeak out a win at McMahon.


4) Toronto @ Saskatchewan

Both these teams are utterly hopeless right now, but I honestly think that the Roughriders have the best chance to win this week. They are at home against a Toronto team that just gave up over 60 points to Hamilton, and look to be going nowhere, fast. Even using backup QBs, the Roughies should beat the Argos at Mosaic in front of the home crowd.

PICK: Roughriders

BYE: Ottawa


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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Alex Smith: To play or not to play. (NFL)

          Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith has gone on record saying that returning to the football field is 'the plan.' Smith hasn't played since November of last year, when he sustained a season-ending injury when he broke his tibia and fibula in his right leg.
          As much of a competitor Smith is, it might not be the best idea to come back and play again. Smith has yet to win a Super Bowl, and this would more than likely be the main reason for him to keep playing, with the hope of hoisting a Lombardi trophy in the future. The problem right now is that everything is working against him, and I'll explain why.

He's getting 'old'. Smith is 35 years old, and has been in the league since 2005. He's often been plagued with injuries throughout his career, with the wear and tear already taking their toll. It's conceivable that if he does indeed come back, he might only have one or two good seasons left in him, and that's before the rust from missing more than a season.

Money versus risk. Smith has made a lot of money thus far in career, and has a family to take care of, having two kids with his wife. There is really no need for him to come back after the injury that he suffered, and it's perplexing to see him wanting to increase his own risk of further injury which could be more serious the next time around. I could see if he was in his 20's and still had a lot to prove, but not now.

Theismann had the same injury. Legendary quarterback Joe Theismann suffered the same horrific injury back in 1985, which abruptly ended his career. It had been said several times over since last November that Smith was going to retire, or should retire after such an injury. I tend to agree with that, and believe that Smith is tempting fate by coming back. Only time will tell if his return will be successful, or lead to an abrupt retirement. Only Alex Smith himself knows where he is going, and whether or not it's the right decision.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

CFL Week 2 predictions! (CFL)

          For some reason, there are only three games on the docket this week, with three out of the nine teams having a bye week. I don't understand the logic behind this, but we will continue on with our picks for Week 2 regardless.

1) Saskatchewan @ Ottawa

Things are going to go from bad to worse for the Roughriders, who lost starting QB Zach Collaros last week to a concussion. The Roughriders are apparently going to go for a rotation of quarterbacks for this game, which more than likely won't be very helpful. The RedBlacks are coming off an impressive season opener where they handily defeated the Stampeders, and it looks like they have something to prove this year.

PICK: RedBlacks

2) BC @ Edmonton

Mike Reilly gets his first shot at his former team this week, and it could get interesting. I fully expect to see an air duel between him and Eskimos' QB Trevor Harris, with Reilly getting the slight edge in the end. Reilly didn't look that bad last week versus the Blue Bombers, and I think he pulls this one out. Expect the Eskimos' fans to give him a warm welcome back as well. After all, he did bring them a Grey Cup.


3) Hamilton @ Toronto

The Argos start their 2019 campaign at home this week against the Tiger-Cats, but I honestly think that Jeremiah Masoli and the 'Cats will keep rolling, and beat the Argos at home. Toronto is rebuilding, and is still far away from establishing a new identity at this point. I think it will take them several weeks just to get everything figured out, so this game against the 'Cats won't even be close.

PICK: Tiger-Cats

BYE: Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal


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Friday, June 14, 2019

Zach Collaros: The Roughriders deserve all the blame. (CFL)

          Yet another Canadian Football league regular season has started, and we have yet another Zach Collaros exit due to a concussion. TTS looks at several key points as to why this is less of the fault of the Tiger-Cats Simoni Laurence, and why the blame for the whole situation should be placed directly on the Saskatchewan Roughriders themselves.

A history of injuries. Collaros has never been a very durable quarterback, to say the least. From his seasons in Hamilton, as well as his short time in Saskatchewan, Collaros has suffered numerous injuries. Knees, a torn ACL, an multiple concussions have taken their toll on him, limiting his playing time and effectiveness.

He's already had several concussions, and even hid one. Before the start of the 2018 regular season, Collaros suffered a concussion in a pre-season game, and managed to hide it from the Saskatchewan Roughriders' medical staff, not admitting the episode until some time later. Curiously enough, the medical staff took his word for it, and didn't check him under the league's concussion protocol at all. In a sport such as football where head hits can be massive, the Roughriders really slipped up.

What's up, doc? How can a professional sports team and their team doctors somehow clear a quarterback who had his brains scrambled in that pre-season game let him play on his word? The whole purpose of having team medical staff and concussion protocols is to prevent this exact thing from happening. This is a player who routinely gets his bell rung on the football field, and yet the Roughriders let it slip? What does this say about their organization?

Conclusion. Yes, Simoni Laurence hit Collaros hard enough to concuss him and knock him out of the game. This is football. It's a brutal sport at times, and players know the risks before they take to the field. That being said however, the blame for this whole thing should be placed on the Roughriders for A) bringing a player into their organization that is damaged goods, B) Know his history of concussions and ignore it, and C) Let him play after suffering a concussion.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

CFL Week 1 predictions! (CFL)

           TTS is finally making our picks for the CFL, which will be posted every Wednesday! With Week 1 set to start tomorrow night, here are the predictions for the opening matchups!

1) Saskatchewan @ Hamilton

This is a game that could potentially go either way, as both teams will have something to prove right out of the gate. Is Zach Collaros one hundred percent? Will Jeremiah Masoli make an early statement? Both are good questions, but only one will be answered.

PICK: Tiger-Cats

2) Montreal @ Edmonton

The Mike Reilly era is over in Edmonton, with the Eskimos going in a new direction with QB Trevor Harris. Look for them to easily win at home against a confused Alouettes that will struggle for the first few weeks of the season.

PICK: Eskimos

3) Ottawa @ Calgary

I'd like to say that Ottawa has a chance, but Dominique Davis is going to get smoked by the Calgaryd defence, and dare I say that Bo Levi Mitchell will roll right past the RedBlacks without much effort. Personally, I'm tired of the Stampeders, but they'll win this one.

PICK: Stampeders

4) Winnipeg @ B.C.

Mike Reilly is now the star pivot in BC, and he has several weapons on offence to help him get to where he needs to go. Unfortunately, it won't be in Week 1, as the Bombers should have no problem in dealing with the Lions. It will take two or three games for the Lions to get rolling.

PICK: Blue Bombers

BYE: Toronto


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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Recent CFL happenings that make little sense. (CFL)

         You would think that when it's only a week or so before the start of the regular season, that there would be a calm in the league as teams prepare for the new campaign. This year however, there has been a slew of confusing moves by several teams that don't really add up. TTS looks at a few of these recent points, and what they mean.

The Argos release Coombs. This was a head-scratcher, to say the least. Arguably the best wide receiver and production man on the roster, cutting Coombs so close to the start of the season made little sense whatsoever. Yes, he was injured for most of last season, but before that, his production was always consistent, and he was proven to be a reliable workhorse. The Argos are clearly in a rebuild, but this move simply didn't make sense at all.

RedBlacks name Davis as the starter at QB. Ottawa lost starting QB Trevor Harris to Edmonton through free-agency, and needed a star QB to replace him. They signed former Lions QB Jonathon Jennings, which was a great move. But, in keeping with the 2019 CFL tradition of doing stupid things, the RedBlacks named Dominique Davis as starting QB ahead of Jennings. This is a very confusing move, as they went to all the trouble in getting a proven pivot in Jennings. Why they'd start Davis instead seems a very odd move. Personally, I think the Davis experiment will fail early in the season, necessitating the switch to Jennings.

The Argos release Bridge. What is it with the Argos these days? I understand they are trying to find a new direction after the retirement of Ricky Ray, but who is running this team lately? Canadian QB Brandon Bridge, who has a hell of an arm, has been sacked already after having signed a one-year deal with the team in February. The Argos named Michael O'Connor (who?) as their starter to open the season. This is another example of the Argos not thinking things through. Do they want to endure another three-win season, because this is how you do that!

Bye-bye Mr. Sherman. Montreal sacked head coach Mike Sherman this past week, after one season at the helm. Yes, the Alouettes were terrible last season, but for once, you can't blame the head coach. The team was inconsistent, the offence was brutal do to a lack of quality players, and their whole season was consumed by the whole Johnny Manziel situation. Add to the fact that GM Kavis Reed is usually in la-la land, and voila. Kind of hard to blame the coach with all that going on. Khari Jones takes over as interim head coach for the time being.

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