Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Breaking down the big QB news from today. (NFL)

Isn't it nice to talk about sports for a change? I think it is, and I've going to break down the three biggest quarterback stories in the National Football League from today!

1) Philip Rivers. The long-time (and I do mean LONG-TIME!) San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers pivot has signed a one-year deal with the Indianapolis Colts., which also raises the following questions surrounding the deal:

- How much gas does Rivers have in his tank?
- How will he play on a team that has less of a receiving corps to throw to?
- Is it all about the money for Rivers?

Rivers is slated to make $25 million dollars from this, and that may have been the main incentive. He was rumoured to want to play in Florida, as he and his family had moved there recently. Personally, I think that Rivers will go out with a whimper in Indianapolis. This is the end for him.

2) Nick Foles. The Jacksonville Jaguars traded their quarterback to the Chicago Bears for only a fourth-round pick. This was a quarterback that beat the Patriots in a Super Bowl, was signed by the Jags for $80 million, then got hurt early in the season. With that all being said:

- Where do the Jags go from here?
- Why Chicago? Are the Bears giving on Trubisky already?
- Are the Jags going to make some more moves to bolster their position at QB?

These questions won't be answered until at least the draft. Until then, I got nothing.

3) Tom Brady. I hate to mention this man, because God knows I hate him (for cheating!), but now that he's no longer a Patriot, it's not so bad. Unfortunately for Tom, he's going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are terribad on the best of days. Which means:

- Will the Bucs get rid of Jameis Winston finally? (No-brainer!)
- Are the Pats going to be crap now? (Here's hoping!)
- Does this turn the Bucs into an instant playoff team?

I don't think this does anything to the Bucs right away. That team is a dumpster fire to begin with, and it will take more years of overhauling the roster that Brady doesn't have to fix them.

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