Wednesday, November 20, 2019

TIME OUT! Kaepernick/Helmet smash/Trubisky (NFL)

1) Hey Kaep: SHUT UP. While I admit that the whole practice session that the NFL created for Kaepernick was a bit of a mess to begin with, the former NFL QB didn't have to go move the whole thing 60 miles away from Atlanta to make a point, nor did he have to open his mouth afterwards and talk smack about everything.

TIME OUT! We're all getting sick of this nonsense, period. Enough already! Kaep needs to man up, and shut up. The NFL is never going to be on your side. They don't care about anyone but themselves and their billions of dollars.

2) Finish him! Myles Garrett is an idiot, plain and simple. He has a history of being a hot head, and shouldn't ever be allowed back on a football field. I'm in no way a Steelers fan, but watching a QB get his helmet ripped off and slugged in the head with it is criminal as far as I'm concerned. Kudos to the other Steelers that ran in and beat the crap out of Garrett.

And with that being said, I call a TIME OUT on Garrett's 'appeal'. There shouldn't be one allowed under any circumstances.

3) Trubisky. The Chicago Bears are in such disarray as of late that every other sports pundit out there seem to lay the blame on everyone involved, and more so the head coach. TIME OUT! It's clear to me that a coach can only do so much, and this season it looks like Trubisky himself doesn't really want to do much of anything.

He is awful this year, and most of the blame needs to be on him for his poor play. Perhaps he isn't the star the Bears thought he was when they traded up in the draft to get him.

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