Wednesday, November 13, 2019

CFL East/West Final predictions! (CFL)

Well, this past Sunday's action was interesting, wasn't it? No one (myself included) could have predicted the Eskimos beating the Alouettes, especially in Montreal. The Esks had stumbled into the playoffs so badly that they should have had a quick exit. Alas, sometimes the universe gets things a little backwards.

Now then, let's jump into the East and West finals!


Edmonton @ Hamilton

The Esks were a fluke last week. This time around, they will get flattened. Hard.

PICK: Tiger-Cats


Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan

As yes, a classic tale of good versus evil out in the heart of the flattest province in our fair country. The Roughriders did manage to get into first place and secure the bye, and I believe that it will be their undoing. Winnipeg came back and rolled right over the Stamps, at home, in cold weather. It's not really going to be any warmer, and that's the way the Bombers like it. Expect Collaros and Streveler to have their way with the Riders, with Andrew Harris running wild as well.

PICK: Blue Bombers


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